Gloucester v Leicester OGT

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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 10:35 am:

Creamoftheprop wrote:
Glos1012 wrote:Well when my season ticket runs out that I was refused my money back on I won't have to watch any more of this garbage. One averagely good season in 10 league seasons.
No one is stopping you. Hopefully Spartans ground doesn't have wifi or signal either and you can keep your phone in your pocket. :roll: :roll: (sorrypuppies)

Or read comments from morons like you

Pipe down you wally. Dont think you've ever made a concise, constructive comment on here. Give your head a wobble and get a hobby.[/quote]

Can comment how I like thanks. Years of mediocrity and the team being worse than ever hardly is reason to be positive
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 11:10 am:


Ackerman is a very good player
Ben Morgan put in a shift
Ed Slater back in
Glos could have nicked it against a team which walloped Exeter the week before.

Reid walked past me in the bar with his foot in a boot. The man is massive. Not tall but very wide.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 11:26 am:

I feel we look unconvincing in attack and defence and any good work we do (especially in attack) feels like a bit of luck rather than confident and cohesive play.

I’m hoping it’s just early nerves, but that’s how it felt all last season too. The players need to believe in themselves and the skills they’ve got.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 11:31 am:

Watching on TV from afar I was surprised that this wasn't a sell out given it was Friday under lights, v Leicester & first proper game for a long time -- perhaps down to TV??
Also the crowd seemed subdued rather than raucous as it can be maybe like me they shared the sense that we were often second best & a defeat was inevitable. I hope that was just the TV coverage rather than as it was.

Tactically I thought we got this wrong particularly with Meehans kicking being too slow & too easy for Leicester to regain possession + giving Nadola too much space.
I was a bit surprised by Hastings he looked a little spindly but still he is our big signing so surely must always start when fit, Ford showed us what a difference a classy 10 can make.

On a positive note the pack incl replacements all stood strong & the rolling maul looks good when it works -- with LRZ, Harris, May possibly Woodward to return & Hastings to start our backs will be more threatening.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 11:37 am:

I don't intend to be controversial but I dont think Leicester we that good to be honest. Well not as much as I anticipated.
We certainly matched them for commitment and to be honest worthy of a couple more tries or even penalty tries.
We messed up clearance for their first try. They had a big winger but like a cargo vessel in the suez canal good in straight lines but struggling to turn. Popping a ball behind him was an excellent tactic.
I have every confidence will will improve but as soon as I say that realise we are likely to lose players in the autumn.
With the team spirit I am sure we will get some positive results.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 11:38 am:

Just spotted Harry Elrington in Cheltenham in a protective boot. Another injury!
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 12:01 pm:

Hopefully just a precaution for Elrington :( I thought he had a great game last night! Spanish Exile, it certainly didn't feel subdued from my spot in the shed. The place was absolutely bouncing! Only time I thought it got a bit flat was when Leicester went for the corner for their fourth try. It was such a good kick from Ford, there was a sense of inevitability about the outcome and at that point in the game it felt like the final nail. When we fought back (again) there was a sense that we could get the draw, especially as our lineout was firing well and it felt like another grandstand finish
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 12:06 pm:

Just finished watching Carreras at number 10 for the Pumas against the Wallabies. Now there's someone who can really tackle. Great performance in defeat. We need him back asap!
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 13:07 pm:

Atmosphere was good; attendance due to covid and it being on TV. I also suspect there are some people who have yet to get out of the habit of staying at home.

Leicester started better than us; they were also more pragmatic and at 0-13 after 13 mins I thought we were going to get stuffed. But.....whilst we lack in some areas we don't lack any dog that's for sure.

Given our failings to consider that we had the chance to draw the match at the end shouldn't go unnoticed.

Of course, disappointed to lose, at home, but there are few positives to build on.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 13:09 pm:

We aren’t obliged to give our Argentinians a break when they return - we need them
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