Gloucester v Leicester OGT

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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 14:46 pm:

Disappointed? Yes. Downhearted? Not yet. Some very good things and a fair bit of ticker. I thought we might collapse at 13-0 down.
The Potter try illustrated perfectly why Lloyd Evans should not play at full back. Decent technique in the tackle but insufficient power or strength to put the attacker down.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 15:48 pm:

We're still above Ex and Briz.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 16:46 pm:

Lewi7 wrote:Atmosphere was good; attendance due to covid and it being on TV. I also suspect there are some people who have yet to get out of the habit of staying at home.

Leicester started better than us; they were also more pragmatic and at 0-13 after 13 mins I thought we were going to get stuffed. But.....whilst we lack in some areas we don't lack any dog that's for sure.

Given our failings to consider that we had the chance to draw the match at the end shouldn't go unnoticed.

Of course, disappointed to lose, at home, but there are few positives to build on.

we played against a very good Leicester team and almost draw after the rubbish start we made. we made some stupid mistakes and some easy to get rid off. i think we look in a better play than last seasonin attack and with players too add back in. how great is it too have a fit Ben Morgan. lets get behind the team for the next one,
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 16:54 pm:

Just watched the replay on TV after being there last night.

The ref was okay, but you can’t see the offsides with the short angles and he should have carded at Leics at the line out earlier.

Glos are a good team and have a shed load of players to come back.

I thought we’d be in the bottom three, but after watching that game I’m sure it will be higher.

The skipper and Ruan are extraordinary.

If we are lucky with injuries we could do well.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 18:08 pm:

colinboag wrote:We aren’t obliged to give our Argentinians a break when they return - we need them

I don't the break thing anyway Colin. I mean if they were here they would be playing the same amount of rugby ...surely. A few days to get over a flight is more than enough and as for conditioning ; well it's hardly a step up from International rugby. The players all know the drill. Get on with it
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 19:29 pm:

Asgard wrote:
Tim in Shropshire wrote:Just back as well. My thoughts:............

We constantly kicked to Steward who constantly caught it. No-one seemed to work out that this wasn't such a great idea.

Just picking up one point from your post, Tim - the kicking especially from the "caterpillar" set up takes too long and it was noticeable that as the "caterpillar" was being set up three Leicester players retreated to take up well positioned defensive positions which meant that any kick would inevitably covered. Would it not be better for the scrum half to forgo the "caterpillar" and pass the ball to a deeper lying kicker before the opposition defence reset?

Asgard - in my rather clumsy way that was what I was trying to say. If the players on the pitch can't see what is happening on every occasion then surely the coaches should be able too and send messages onto the pitch. Everyone around me on the Tump seemed to have picked it up.
A pass back to the fly half or even a little chip over the backs. OK so the latter carries a degree of risk but you've got to keep the defence honest. Steward was rock solid under the high ball all night and we didn't work that and his blockers out.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

25 Sep 2021 20:53 pm:

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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

26 Sep 2021 13:20 pm:

Have watched the last two games back and in the cold light of day, I don't think that we are that far away from either team that we have played. I am however disappointed that some of our basics seem to be lacking at the start of the season when other teams have got them right (or at least better). Obviously too many penalties given away, tackling generally and kick chase defence all a bit random. I do think that we can get these right and challenge anyone for the rest of the season, but you do wonder why these fundamentals weren't addressed well enough in preseason. Maybe a learning point for George but am generally not too despondent with how we have played. A win would be very nice for supporters and morale though!
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

26 Sep 2021 13:52 pm:

For what my opinion is worth ….

Far too many pens given away …

Defence great at times but also woeful at times … cost us 7 pts

Stop kicking aimlessly (improve the game management less frantic and more calculated chaos please?) it gives them a platform … why did Hastings kick it? Tap and go surely give time up??

Scrums great

Line outs great … most of the time but even I’d guess where the ball was going on their line.

4 tries scored is good but shipping 4 and all those pens plus a shed load of handling errors gave the game to the visitors.

For me anyway we lack a line breaking centre.

Where will end up ? 8th but have the chance of doing far better with all the returnees.
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Re: Gloucester v Leicester OGT

26 Sep 2021 14:08 pm:

Baldhead2 wrote:For what my opinion is worth ….

why did Hastings kick it? Tap and go surely give time up??

At that stage of the game to gain field position. Too far out to go for tap.

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