London Irish v Gloucester Sun 17th October

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Re: London Irish v Gloucester Sun 17th October

16 Oct 2021 10:44 am:

Thanks Jcup...looks like 65 bus is king ....bus transport that's going to be a novelty (is there first class or a trolley service on buses these days :D :D :D ) . I also understand don't forget your facemasks on TFL transport.
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Re: London Irish v Gloucester Sun 17th October

16 Oct 2021 11:37 am:

AdrianM wrote:
jcup wrote:Anyone driving needs to leave themselves plenty of time. The traffic due to the M4 closure is likely to add an hour to the journey. Also worth noting that Gunnersbury is going to be exit only for an hour after the game so if you need to dash off you'll want another option. It could be worth considering South Ealing on the Piccadilly Line (Heathrow branch) it might be a slightly longer walk than Gunnersbury but it's not far; the 65 bus is a regular service from there (stopping at Kew Bridge,) you can pick it up going south right outside the station.

Edit - if you are getting the train in to Paddington then its a very short hop to Ealing Broadway on the overground (12 mins) from Paddington and you can pick up the 65 just outside there, on your right as you exit Ealing Broadway Station. NB don't get the E2 to Brentford from there, it doesn't go as close to the ground.

You would almost think that you live there jcup! Enjoy if you are going today.

South Ealing AdrianM - but I think you might already know that ;) Of course anyone who leaves today should arrive in plenty of time

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