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Re: Teams up

23 Sep 2021 19:05 pm:

Absolutely no reason we can’t get a result tomorrow, the talent is there, the ground will be full (ish) and so on.

The bookies appear to favour Leicester as it stands, but our odds are shortening.. not much in it.

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Re: Teams up

23 Sep 2021 19:07 pm:

Ken Burney wrote:Would that be the same Tigerburnie who posted on the unofficial Tigers' website "We play like last week, we win at a canter ..."?!

I think that he/she speaks with forked tongue.

The Burnies are fighting again
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Re: Teams up

23 Sep 2021 19:36 pm:

That’s a good Leicester team, but our boys must be buzzing to be playing in front of a full-ish Kingsholm again after a very long time - have faith!
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Re: Teams up

23 Sep 2021 20:11 pm:

Wouldn’t underestimate home advantage, especially first of the season
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Re: Teams up

23 Sep 2021 21:30 pm:

Disagree that the squads are evenly matched. Think that tigers team is a lot stronger than ours all over the park.

Will take a hell of an effort for us to win IMO and can’t see anything other than a comfortable tigers win im afraid. Will be there shouting my heart out but just my thoughts on the teams.

Also agree re twelevetrees. Blokes effort cannot be faulted but 100% effort should be a bare minimum when playing professional sport. Sadly his lack of pace leaves us exposed in defence and with a lack of midfield threat for me.
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Re: Teams up

24 Sep 2021 06:05 am:

Got to say, now that we’ve finally made it to game day, that I am just hugely excited to be going back to Kingsholm for a proper game. During the pandemic and empty grounds period we’ve talked an awful lot of shizzle on here, probably been unnecessarily polemic, and at times created arguments for the sake of it. But today we all get to return to our comfort zone cheering on the lads at a *hopefully* packed stadium. Can’t wait!
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Re: Teams up

24 Sep 2021 06:23 am:

Jonny only has a very minor injury, a knock in training. Nothing to do with the tackle last week.
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Re: Teams up

24 Sep 2021 07:32 am:

….and if the first home game with our new pitch, no covid restrictions and our new squad isn’t enough, there’s a beer festival in the Farmers, the suns shining and me and Madjake have the day off.
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Re: Teams up

24 Sep 2021 08:31 am:

This could be one of the difficult games this season.

First game at home, full of anticipation but also facing a side that set down intentions and marker last week.

I am in no doubt our players will give their all, but the support from us could be deciding factor.
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Re: Teams up

24 Sep 2021 08:46 am:

ryno_chelt wrote:Jonny only has a very minor injury, a knock in training. Nothing to do with the tackle last week.

Yes but surely the coaches must be at fault somehow? Or Lance Bradley. Can you not say it’s caused by the pitch to keep the moaners happy?

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