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26 Sep 2021 22:46 pm:

Whenever I see a London Irish game and they cut to Les Kiss for an interview, I'm always surprised when he talks and, rather than speaking with an American, Rocky movie like accent, he has an Aussie accent.
Today I realised why:
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Les Kiss and Freddie Roach. Seperated at birth?
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27 Sep 2021 00:17 am:

FWIW: I thought he was Irish.
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27 Sep 2021 07:58 am:

His name is a well known acronym which rugby coaches would do well to follow.
“Keep It Simple, Stupid.”
As many on here have said before, rugby is a simple game made complicated by coaching.
Les Kiss is the French version.
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Wasn't sure where to put this

29 Sep 2021 07:33 am:

Ben Vellacott for Edinburgh against Scarlets: https://twitter.com/Murray_Kinsella/status/1442963182297833472
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