Next game .....Worcester

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Re: Next game .....Worcester

26 Sep 2021 14:59 pm:

Certainly there us an agreement between the RPA and the Premiership for a 5 match rest but does the RPA only represent English players. Do they represent Welsh and Scottish players at English clubs.
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Re: Next game .....Worcester

26 Sep 2021 16:16 pm:

What are the chances of Worcester playing their Lions and us not?
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Re: Next game .....Worcester

26 Sep 2021 16:28 pm:

If our Welsh and Scottish Lions are available and there is a different arrangement then they should turn out....simples.

I've a feeling they aren't and we won't...which makes it even simpler.
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Re: Next game .....Worcester

26 Sep 2021 16:41 pm:

Fascinating results this weekend, 5 of 6 games within 1 converted try. If you're slightly off your game this season, you can be beaten
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Re: Next game .....Worcester

26 Sep 2021 18:01 pm:

My guess is that we may see Duhan on the bench. Waller has not had the best of form in the first two games but I still think it may be a gamble to include Sutherland.
We have started OK and I would expect your old boys to want a performance , however we will take nothing for granted.
I hope we will see many of you at Sixways.

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