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Re: Support needed

11 Oct 2021 12:06 pm:

Agreed, very good idea SWA
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Re: Support needed

11 Oct 2021 12:53 pm:

Nothing wrong with free speech or having an opinion - as long as it matches mine !!
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Re: Support needed

11 Oct 2021 13:19 pm:

I think it goes through on the nod. Any dissenters speak now or forever hold your peace....etc etc.
I'd love to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong....
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Re: Support needed

11 Oct 2021 14:12 pm:

Ok. Good. Motion carried.

The shirts have arrived today. I will put up a thread later for folk to enter bids.. there are two shirts, each player weight, and signed. The two highest bids win.

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