How Long To Go?

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How Long To Go?

11 Oct 2021 12:50 pm:

Sitting in my grandstand seat
My nerves are starting to flame.
We are twenty points up.
Three minutes to play.
I think we could lose this game.

Sitting at home watching tv,
The match is all but ended.
Four minutes to play.
We surely can’t lose.
Disbelief is again suspended.

Sitting again. Edge of my seat
Anxiety floods through my brain
Two minute to play,
Only nineteen points up.
Oh God! Oh No! Not again?

Sitting. No standing. Up and down.
Surely this is the last straw.
Five minutes to play,
Thirty points to the good.
I’m hoping at least for a draw.

Sitting on the carpet listening.
Hiding behind the settee.
One minute to play.
A good fifteen point lead
Makes it a nightmare for me.

Sitting in the bar exhausted,
Throat unable to shout.
Four minutes to play
Thirty-three to fifteen
Worried. No. Never in doubt.

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Re: How Long To Go?

11 Oct 2021 16:20 pm:

David Uren Shrivenham
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Re: How Long To Go?

11 Oct 2021 18:47 pm:

Magnificent ALT.
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Re: How Long To Go?

12 Oct 2021 13:42 pm:

Superb as always ALT
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Re: How Long To Go?

13 Oct 2021 18:55 pm:

Actually it sums up my feelings at any game we are winning these last few years :?.
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Re: How Long To Go?

13 Oct 2021 19:24 pm:

:lol: love it ...

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