George Barton

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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 13:51 pm:

Bearing in mind Lloyd is actually our most senior fly half in terms of age being older than Hastings by a couple of months I have to say I fall into the camp who thinks he has hit his ceiling in terms of ability and at best is a squad player at this level (now watch him sign for Bristol and become a fully fledged international) ;)

I do hope to see Barton given more game time over the next few weeks and particularly during the international window.
Keyser Sose
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 16:57 pm:

I think there is room for all three with Barton being our main backup to Hastings for now.

BTT and Atkinson are not spring chickens I think Lloyd could be quite a centre in Atkinson’s mould and if Barton see his potential to take that 10 jersey Hastings is a pretty handy 12.
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 17:06 pm:

Agree there is room for Hastings, Evans and Barton in the squad and they will all get plenty of gametime at #10 with international call ups and injuries. Personally I want to see players in their best positions so I don't want to see Hastings shipped out to 12 or 15 and the same goes for Barton and maybe to a lesser extent Evans who possesses a bit more physicality. Similarly I don't really want to see Billy at #10 unless in an emergency although I accept that his flexibility gives extra options from the bench as he did last week.
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 19:00 pm:

He had to go for a scan the other day for a suspected LCL (whatever that is) injury.
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 19:03 pm:

Biffo wrote:He had to go for a scan the other day for a suspected LCL (whatever that is) injury.

Lateral collateral ligament, ....the side strap of the knee on the outside.
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 19:04 pm:

An LCL injury is a sprain or tear to the lateral collateral ligament (LCL). The LCL is a band of tissue on the outside of your knee. It connects your thigh bone to the bone of your lower leg and helps keep the knee from bending outward. ... lcl-injury
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 20:18 pm:

Who’s LCL?…but good to see that our Dursley contingent still reacts subjectively rather than objectively like the coaching team has to do when selecting players

Good job the world doesn’t rotate on personal bias or opinions or it would be a sad old place. Let me reflect on that one.
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Re: George Barton

14 Oct 2021 20:56 pm:

I keep seeing suggestions of Lloyd Evans at centre and I must say I just can’t see it. He’s probably the least physical out of him, Barton (who punches well above his weight) and Hastings. A terrifying prospect for our already fragile defence. I do however, think he would make an excellent full back with his high ball skills, pace and kicking ability. As we know that is another crowded market at GR, however.
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Re: George Barton

15 Oct 2021 06:48 am:

Evans is a squad player, he’s not good enough to be a regular starter at this level. GB is developing and is likely the long-term competitor for the 10 shirt. But given that Hastings is likely to be one of our highest earners and has only just joined, the idea that we don’t start him when fit is madness. He’ll be away for 8 games during international periods and that is time for Barton to play.

I don’t see either of these players leaving to get first team starts elsewhere in the league, where would they be first choice?
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Re: George Barton

15 Oct 2021 08:28 am:

Fascinating though this is, it is meaningless. The coaches see all of our 10s at training every week, and I suggest they are better placed than any of us to know their merits. GS has talked often (as has LB) about how Glaws must not lose talent because of lack of playing opportunities. I am certain that GS has discussed this with the players, and they know what's going on. GS did say that LE had a superb pre-season. I wonder if the 'Hastings must start' lobby would like him dropped for a couple of games to give other 10s a chance? ;)

There are no 'A' team games at present, so every club faces the problem of lack of playing time.
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