Saracens still cheating….

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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 07:18 am:

2 balls on the pitch should have been enough to take the game back and retake the penalty
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 08:01 am:

OK, so nobody cheats they just look to edge things but Farrell bellyached like mad when he's on the receiving end.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 08:16 am:

Never taken to him, personally.

What could be done about it now, after the fact, out of interest? I dare say it's not that heinous a crime to warrant much, is it? Not against Saracens anyway.. the officials should be given a ticking off, for sure (might already have been, for all we know)
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 08:22 am:

The only reason this is being singled is out is because some posters hate Sarries. If Glaws, or any other team (bar perhaps Bath) had done this it would have passed without comment IMO. This kind of 'cheating' or gamesmanship happens all the time. Nothing to see here.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 08:35 am:

Spot on….actually most posters dislike Sarries, only the same old apologists that continually stick up for them.

Actually this is a full on try that that the Sarries 10 took a quick kick knowing what had happened. The TMO was oblivious but could/should have called it back.

As I say I don’t think it’s worthy of sanctions but needs calling out, and at least an apology to Falcons if they had any integrity left in the tarnished outfit.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 08:47 am:

Cheating? Underhand? A bit naughty? Yes it was but as has been said it is only news because its Sarries. Every team at every level does this sort of thing every week. Doesn't make it OK but there would be no room in the post box if all teams apologised every time it happened.

Happy to be anti Sarries for their financial malpractice, disregard of the ethos of the game, lack of proper apology for buying their titles etc but to jump on them for this incident just seems a little churlish.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 09:00 am:

Every kicker does that and crooked feeds are all too common , however the law about quick throws using the "wrong" ball seems to be applied so why not for this "try" .
It would only take a few refs making a stand to stop the crooked feeds

But no ref does; just because every kicker does it, every scrum-half does it etc shouldn't be enough to ignore the law. In this case, why should 2 balls be enforced when a whole load of other laws are ignored.

At lower levels, all sorts of off the ball stuff is ignored because the ref's not watching and the touch judges (NOT ARs) are biased, but obvious stuff like lineout not straight, crooked scrum feeds etc are nearly always sanctioned. At pro-level, they ignore all the stuff that fan's notice; offside, crooked feeds etc because they've been told not to bother.

Oh and in this case, it wasn't a quick feed at the line out, it was a quick tap penalty using the wrong ball.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 09:08 am:

Officials 100% in the wrong. 2 balls on the field? I don't care if it was the estate agents or anybody else, try should not have been allowed to stand. Also there is a medic on the field very close to the action. Presumably, the 10 had the game ball under his arm was to prevent a quick tap being taken.
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 09:50 am:

KPB, I'm not sure you have the correct term in 'apologist'. I can't recall anyone saying on here (I certainly haven't) that Sarries shouldn't have been punished - they should, and were.

Some, me included, had reservations about the severity of the punishment, but it was what it was. Some, me included, believe that once they've done the punishment it should be considered 'spent'. As for taking their trophies away, it wouldn't worry me if the authorities did - that's their business.

Equally, I find the hatred of Wray a bit sad. He did wrong, and his club were severely punished, but he also did a huge amount of good for the game, and I don't think that should just be airbrushed out.

Maybe recall the words of F Scott Fitzgerald: 'the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function'. Perhaps come to terms with Sarries' sins, but live with the fact that they're back, adding to the ability of the Prem to recover, and are no doubt being audited to hell!

Loathing and hatred is never a good look.

PS, Bath v Sarries must be causing a dilemma!
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Re: Saracens still cheating….

15 Oct 2021 09:54 am:

Gamesmanship happens throughout sport and GRFC are equally culpable. The fault was the officials.

I suggest someone looks at every GRFC minor/major infraction this w/e and complains to RFU/PRL for balance.

Your pathetic focus on all-things Sarries is boring KPB.
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