Sale v Quins

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Re: Sale v Quins

17 Oct 2021 12:03 pm:

Nobbler23 wrote:It is sad that we now think a 7s job is to cheat, just shows where rugby has got to and kind of reinforces my original comment, and for what it is worth I played 7 most of my playing days, so have a fair understanding of the job.

The defensive part of the job is to slow the down possession, turn ball over and generally be a disruptive influence. By its nature it takes you close to the line and each ref sees things slightly differently with the really good 7’s knowing how far to push it with each ref.

Probable best example I can think of for this was Richie McCaw who was regularly called cheat.
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Re: Sale v Quins

17 Oct 2021 12:14 pm:

McCaw, was called a cheat, because he was, but because he was captain of AB he got away with a lot, my comments were really saying I think TC has stepped over the line, plus I worry about the extent to which cheating is lauded in the game, just listen to the commentators, I have always hated cheats they ruin the game.
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Re: Sale v Quins

17 Oct 2021 13:04 pm:

Cheating, or playing on the edge and gaining an advantage is an old traditional part of the game. It's refreshing to see, very seldomly, that they knocked on, or that they didn't ground the ball etc.

So, gaining an edge is nothing new and players don't get away with anywhere near as much as they used to.

As to the Sale vs Quins match - Sale really took them on physically and Quins couldn't quite match it. Sale have shown the way and it's to quins to respond.
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Re: Sale v Quins

17 Oct 2021 20:53 pm:

Richie McCaw played on the line and was pinged more than people remember or like to have than reality in their stories :D
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