Team's Up

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Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 12:00 pm:

15. Kyle Moyle

14. Ollie Thorley *

13. Billy Twelvetrees

12. Mark Atkinson

11. Jonny May *

10. Adam Hastings

9. Ben Meehan

1. Val Rapava-Ruskin

2. Jack Singleton

3. Kirill Gotovtsev

4. Matias Alemanno

5. Andrew Davidson

6. Freddie Clarke *

7. Lewis Ludlow (c) *

8. Jack Clement *

16. Santiago Socino

17. Jamal Ford-Robinson

18. Fraser Balmain

19. Freddie Thomas *

20. Jordy Reid

21. Charlie Chapman *

22. Giorgi Kveseladze

23. Lloyd Evans *

*Denotes Academy player or graduate from the Gloucester Rugby Academy
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Re: Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 14:29 pm:

I see that this fixutre is not televised live. Hopefully a dodgy stream will present itself.
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Re: Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 21:26 pm:

For the first time in a few weeks we are not favourites, Wasps 1.6, Glaws 2.6, Draw 17.5. Not for me at those odds.
Good luck to all supporters travelling, have a good evening and bring back the spoils. This is a good test given our recent form.
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Re: Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 22:24 pm:

Great to see Jordy Reid back in a match day side. Go well!

"The Holy Writ of Gloucester Rugby Club demands: first, that the forwards shall win the ball; second, that the forwards shall keep the ball; and third, the backs shall buy the beer." - Doug Ibbotson
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Re: Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 23:58 pm:

I have only just seen this thread and found is both amusing and confusing :D

OP started his thread before the one that's getting the " hits ".

I think tradition has it that this warrants officialdom :D
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Re: Team's Up

25 Nov 2021 23:59 pm:

So; on that note...

Кто будет завтра вечером пстать непослушный русский линк?.... :D
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Re: Team's Up

26 Nov 2021 12:35 pm:

Any news of late changes ?
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Re: Team's Up

26 Nov 2021 12:43 pm:

I work approx 20 miles from the ground and the weather is currently absolutely foul - suggest anyone going tonight wraps up well and that the players stick it up their shirts put their heads down and do it the old fashioned way. Shame BM and RA are not playing I think some of their grunt may have been needed tonight.
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Re: Team's Up

26 Nov 2021 19:43 pm:

Thread works ...thanks for the link

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