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ROLLO 13 May 2019 12:55 pm said..

Maybe one of the reasons that Wuss are submitting plans for the North Stand to increase capacity to 16,500 and a hotel and conference centre.
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Big Red 13 May 2019 12:56 pm said..

Surely it would make sense to be 12 or 14 not 13? 'Bye' week's?!
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Wise Words 13 May 2019 13:10 pm said..

If the top tier comprised 14 teams then the 14th place could become almost optional. The 13 major stakeholders become ring-fenced and the top Championship club could take the vacant Premiership place if they met the correct criteria or even wanted it.
Just a thought.
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westglos 13 May 2019 13:31 pm said..

Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere, but I see in yesterdays Rugby Paper that we are leading the chase to sign Chris Harris of Falcons as one of their season long loans with the descent into the Championship....with Trinder a long term absentee, another specialist outside centre would be rather useful...
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MattChelt 13 May 2019 13:51 pm said..

Big Red wrote:Surely it would make sense to be 12 or 14 not 13? 'Bye' week's?!

If increased to 13 teams, that means 2 extra "regular season" games, so (in theory) 2 extra weekends over what we've had for the last numerous seasons.

Yes, there would be a team each week with no game - rest weeks through the season (no bad thing, given the seemingly increasing injury rates), but these rest weeks would need to be very carefully managed so that it's as fair as possible to all 13 teams through the season. Each team would have 2 off-weeks whilst the other 12 played (I think) - ideally they need to be on a set rotation, so team A is off in Week 1 and then Week 14, then team B weeks 2 and 15, team C 3 & 16, etc. etc. The added complication comes when these rest weeks fall adjacent to "off-weeks" when nobody plays. Guess the rotation would need to change every season...?

Good luck to the fixture planners working that out, if we do increase to 13 teams...
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King Prawn Bhuna 13 May 2019 14:47 pm said..

Hahahaha...that'll please the local residents :D :D :D
I'd love to agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong....
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Re: Rumours

Lewi7 13 May 2019 18:34 pm said..

Dean Ryan to be appointed as DoR / Head Coach at the Dragons
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Sheddy Mcshedface 14 May 2019 11:37 am said..

Somehow Sale have got the idea that signing a load of South Africans will lead to success! Not sure where they go that idea :lol:

On top of Faf de Klerk already being there they have signed Lood De Jager, prop Coenie Oosthuizen and now Dan and Jean-Luc du Preez. Clearly one pair of back row twins isn't enough!
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Lebowski 14 May 2019 13:02 pm said..

Don’t forget Rob Du Preez, Rohan Janse Van Rensberg, Jonno Ross, Josh Strauss and Byron McGuigan (although I realise the last two have become Scottish :lol: )

And some complain we have too many South Africans!

Interestingly I haven’t seen any complaints about the influx of Boks changing our beloved culture recently. :? :?
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