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SonofPricey 31 May 2019 18:40 pm said..

I was on a bus going through Horfield today. It reminded me of the Forest of Dean, but with less genetic diversity.

Great move for Gareth and I am sure he will do well at the Ospreys
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Re: Rumours

Sheddy Mcshedface 04 Jun 2019 11:51 am said..

Zach Kibirige to Wasps. Very good signing if true and gives them some of the pace they lost with Daly.
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Re: Rumours

thread killer 04 Jun 2019 13:25 pm said..

Any idea how much cap space we have available or if we are still to announce some signings?
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Re: Rumours

Glen Sannox 04 Jun 2019 14:37 pm said..

Only DH/JA/Sv know the former, and they won't be telling....a couple of signings are rumoured
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Re: Rumours

glawfindel 04 Jun 2019 15:13 pm said..

Big Jim starting a rumour on Twitter about AWJ going to Leicester

You heard it here second
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Re: Rumours

Merican forester 04 Jun 2019 18:51 pm said..

Would love AWJ to come to glos!! What a replacement for Sav that would be
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Re: Rumours

Asgard 04 Jun 2019 19:58 pm said..

At 34 not worth the money
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Re: Rumours

Chalker 04 Jun 2019 21:23 pm said..

Merican forester wrote:Would love AWJ to come to glos!! What a replacement for Sav that would be

I couldn't make a business case for signing AWJ.
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Re: Rumours

Lewi7 04 Jun 2019 23:20 pm said..

Why ? Do you think he's over the hill ?

The RWC will take it out of him, as it will for many, but although 34 he's showing no signs of slowing up; didn't have a dip after the Lions either.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him retire from Int, rugby after the RWC anyway, so 20 / 25 games out of him a season wouldn't put me off, even with him being an Osprey.

As for the Ospreys, Sam Davies joining the Dragons.
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Re: Rumours

RTS2 05 Jun 2019 06:38 am said..

Asgard wrote:At 34 not worth the money

What money much ?. AWJ not worth the money at 34 !! :lol:

If someone get two good seasons out of AWJ for a "reasonable" amount ...I would say he's worth every £.

Gold is now ‎£32,429.82 per kilo up £772 in the last week by the way ! :lol:
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