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Re: Rumours

11 Feb 2020 09:45 am:

That may be true but in all games this season for Glos he is still behind Ackerman and has missed two Euro games due to ..... injury !! There are 15 of our squad who have yet to be on the injury list.
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Re: Rumours

11 Feb 2020 13:46 pm:

I must say I am never too worried by this silence regarding signings as it is the way Gloucester do their business. I think it is professional.
If they responded to all the rumours and speculation we would have had conversations about players like Sinckler who has gone elsewhere.
I think the approach is that the club only talk about players who have definitely signed for the club or are at the club, which is how it should be.
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Re: Rumours

11 Feb 2020 15:38 pm:

Neither am I worried about the absence of news. I'm sure David H has it all tied up and the real delay sits with those responsible in generating (yet another) innovative way of revealing the new signing/s !!
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Re: Rumours

11 Feb 2020 17:53 pm:

Henry Purdy has signed a two year contract with Bristol and also signed for the remainder of this season (not a loan)
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Re: Rumours

12 Feb 2020 08:34 am:

Good luck to Henry always have his all in Cherry and White Bristols gain is our loss in the long term
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Re: Rumours

12 Feb 2020 20:26 pm:

ryno_chelt wrote:There’s been a fair rumour that Tom Marshall, whilst being a class player, is constantly injured.

I’ve just seen a stat that he has the joint most minutes in the premiership this season out of everyone.

Looking for a new club/ contract is likely to be a big motivator in needing to stay fit.

You know when we will start to hear about any signings when the Annual Ben Morgan is off rumour starts :D
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Re: Rumours

12 Feb 2020 20:40 pm:

Rumour...………….. Ben Morgan is off! :lol:
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Re: Rumours

12 Feb 2020 22:30 pm:

Heard that we might be after Paul Hill along with Bath. Plausible?.

Re: Rumours

12 Feb 2020 22:38 pm:

Sounds plausible to me, I have a gut feeling that a TH prop is on David Humphreys' shopping list for this season.

I know very little about Paul Hill, so would like to hear some opinions on him.

I did a quick wiki search, 67 appearances for Saints since 2015 and only 25 years old, not bad going on paper at least. Decent size at 188cm and 123kg.
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Re: Rumours

13 Feb 2020 07:20 am:

Was seen as the next great thing along with Kieran Brooks. Neither have truly shone at Saints but he is still young and both Balmain and JFR could fit into that description so it could prove a good move.
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