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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 16:59 pm:

re Joe Marler..... l thought ball tampering was against cricket regulations? Maybe the ECB will want a word.
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17 Mar 2020 17:08 pm:

There is no need for a complainant if the incident is clearly captured on CCTV. The Prosecution will proceed with a case in the absence of a complaint when there is
i) a realistic prospect of a conviction and
ii) it is in the public interest to do so.
It frequently does so.
Clearly, in this case there is neither. There is no sexual intent, so there is no offence, and, the matter has been dealt with under the disciplinary regulations (albeit under the wrong regulation, in my view. It therefore does not need to be dealt with under the criminal law.
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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 21:22 pm:

Personally, I think he should be added to the sex offenders register :twisted:
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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 22:13 pm:

So no rumours here then, I want to know who we are signing not who grabbed what.
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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 22:19 pm:

Rumours? No, this thread is for the usual bickering, nothing else.

Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 22:44 pm:

Was the rumour that Lance was spouting about exciting signings just a rumour?
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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 23:10 pm:

shawnsheep wrote:Was the rumour that Lance was spouting about exciting signings just a rumour?

Really? I think other events might just be slightly more important to him right now
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Re: Rumours

17 Mar 2020 23:40 pm:

Not even that but with player contracts due to expire/start on 30th June the having to rearrange the season has potential to be a nightmare. Any player currently due to move clubs at the end of the season will be in an awkward position.
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Re: Rumours

20 Mar 2020 10:13 am:

Isiekwe to Saints on loan. Seems we didn’t interest him...
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Re: Rumours

20 Mar 2020 10:32 am:

Perhaps we withdrew our interest? Difficult to be taking on extra players at this time.
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