Ireland v England ogt

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Zyder 18 Mar 2017 22:11 pm said..

toothless - lacking genuine force or effectiveness

sums it up for me

I'm glad Johnny May wasn't playing - he would have taken some stick for the loss.
(to a certain extent I am glad Jack Nowell didn't come on and score the winning try)

For me, lack of (proper) back row was the difference. Few turnovers.

With an athlete like courtney lawes why not compete at the line out?

We beat the traditionally poor teams - Scotland and Italy and scabbed 2 out of 3 against the better teams after being behind.
6 Nations winners - fair enough, double grand slam - NO!

Credit to Ireland for today and also their win over the AB gave this 6N credibility - something to measure against - Scotland and Wales passed - England did not
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

Still Realistic 18 Mar 2017 22:17 pm said..

In reflection at least this game had something on it in what was a day of poor 6N rugby in a year in which there has been lots to commend it. Ireland were well deserved winners on a day when I think they had more to lose than England. Having beaten NZ recently the thought of only winning 2 of 5 6N games was a massive incentive. Throw in a bit of wet and wind to the tension and the low skill levels were at least partially explainable. The other 2 games had no such excuse and were from a skills perspective pretty poor fare.
I expect to be shot down for this but I was very disappointed in the rugby played by all 6 NH teams today.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

Glossince86 18 Mar 2017 22:30 pm said..

2 back the back six nations championships and an 18 match unbeaten run inc. a 3-0 test series victory against Australia away, plus climbing from rank 8 to rank 2 in the world is not a bad place to be 18 months after being knocked out of your own World Cup in the group stages and with 30 months to go until the next One in Japan.

Very happen that Englnd can win this many games with plenty of room for improvement! Would take it at Glaws any day!!!!

Ireland certainly deserved the win and credit to them for there performance today.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

CMGC 18 Mar 2017 22:50 pm said..

The Eng run was going to end some time and this was a decent opponent. I can imagine that the "run" would have been on their minds and would have been a distraction. They can start again and this will clear the air. Over the Summer EJ can work his second XV with some choice new faces. It will show us what the future holds. The next AI's will show an evolved Eng team.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

Mr GTS 18 Mar 2017 23:38 pm said..

This England team is in a good place compared to where they were at the end of the World Cup. With away games in Dublin & Cardiff a grand slam was always going to difficult and I would've taken a championship win at the start. In a way it's probably right we didn't take the record outright as we're nowhere near the level of NZ at the moment. I honestly think we're heading there though.

To get there though we need to move on from Brown (oddly I actually thought he had his best game of the tournament) who just isn't the type of full back that suits our wings or will help us kick in. Hartley has shown this tournament that he can't be sure of his place and when England needed a strong leader he went missing. Itoje needs to move back to being a world class 2nd row rather than a very good 6.

However the future is bright.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

plod 19 Mar 2017 08:14 am said..

An unbalanced back-row - Robshaw will be welcomed back. Lebowski - certainly the “mean-spirited” part of churlish. It’s only a personal opinion of your comment.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

GlawsMDL 19 Mar 2017 09:31 am said..

Mr GTS wrote: Itoje needs to move back to being a world class 2nd row rather than a very good 6.

This was recognised part way through, did you notice Lawes at 6 at scrum time for a lot of the game?

Breakdown was where Ireland won this, as well as our own unforced errors.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

Sue D'Nimes 19 Mar 2017 09:45 am said..

The big problem today was Farrell,A not O. The Irish defence were up so quickly it caused massive issues. I hope Brown and Hartley go on the lions tour and allow others to fill their places permanently in the build up to the World Cup. Watson looked very average today but with the wonders of modern television it was probably much more inclement than it appeared judging from the plethora of handling issues.
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

SpiralScratch 19 Mar 2017 09:50 am said..

The breakdown was where England struggled against France and Wales too (and Italy sort of . . .) - I imagine its the first thing on EJ's 'needs sorting' list. Understand Exeter have signed a decent 7 for next season . . .
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Re: Ireland v England ogt

stuartjames 19 Mar 2017 10:33 am said..

I'd say there's more chance of our new No7 playing under EJ than Exeter's new No7.
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