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Pest 12 Sep 2017 03:46 am said..

Pest wrote:
ROLLO wrote:What annoys me is that Wuss are currently subsidising SA rugby as I have yet to receive confirmation that we retrieve the full proportion of his salary. Last year he was also returned to us with an undiagnosed injury that kept him out for a further period and for which I understand we had to pay a good proportion of the medical bill.
As Fat Taff says we cannot afford to be without a player of his calibre in such a limited squad.

The injury bit was complete shizzle on behalf of SARU, really bad by them.

But even if you only have him for 2/3rds of the season, I'm sure his contract reflected that. And 2/3rds is more than enough to help avoid relegation. Lions this season are likely to miss a lot of AP gametime with rest, and then 6N, and they'll command huge paychecks too. The fact he basically saved you from relegation last season justifies his paycheck for me.

Shizzle? Really? Male cow faeces becomes shizzle?
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