O/T The Paper Boy

O/T The Paper Boy

Alfred Lord Tension 12 Sep 2017 14:34 pm said..

Back in the nineteen-fifties.
Six days a week
Rain or shine.
I would go to the Citizen Office in St Johns Lane.
Stand in the raucous queue
Ears deafened by the machinery and conveyor belts.
Wait for my turn to shout my order.
'Eight dozen and three.'
'Who for?'
'Louie Middlemore.'
And under my breath 'The One Armed Bandit.' (Louie really did have one arm)
The papers were handed over, still warm from the press.
Folded in dozens.
Load them into my canvas bag and I was off down the steps, into the street.
Disentangled my bike from the pile against the wall and away.
Up St Johns Lane,
Into Westgate Street,
Over the Cross,
Down Eastgate Street,
Across Barton Gates,
Along Barton Street,
Turn left at the Cromwell's Head,
Start my round.
Millbrook Street,
Jersey Road,
Magdala Road,
Derby Road,
Sydney Street,
A few houses in India Road
And some alleyways that I can't recall.
Often folks would be waiting on their doorsteps to grab the paper.
Others, I never saw,
They would leave payment on the doorstep or under the mat.
A few dogs had to be avoided.
There were also copies of the 'Gloucester Journal' to deliver on Thursdays.
Which was 'collect the money night.'
Mark it in a book.
Take it back to Louie's house.
Get paid.
Saturday night, go back to the Citizen Office.
Collect five dozen and four 'Pink Un.'
Re-ride the route then home for tea.
Saturday special.
Pilchards on toast
Made by my father,
The bread doorsteps toasted in front of the fire on a long wire fork he had made.
The fish mashed up in its tomato sauce, spread thickly on the hot slices.
Read the Pink Un.
We used to have it delivered by a 'Paper Boy.'

Alfred Lord Tension (2017) @ALTension
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

stuartjames 12 Sep 2017 14:55 pm said..

Add 30 years and a different route and that was the same for me. Mornings 7 days/week, the Sunday supplements were heavy; the Citizen 6 days/week. It was awful lot of work for 3 quid/week!
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

covglaws 12 Sep 2017 15:22 pm said..

40+ years ago 16/-(80p now) for 6 days a week doing Brook Street, Regent Street, bits of Conduit Street and Midland Road (passed Fred West's house, though didn't know it at the time of course) also the little diddly terraces at the end of Brook Street.
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

Somerset Lad 12 Sep 2017 16:55 pm said..

Citizen 6 days a week, Pink un on Saturday evening, all around Longlevens. Thought I was in bliss when I had a Sunday round up and down Cheltenham Rd. That has brought a few memories back.
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

Baz 12 Sep 2017 17:01 pm said..

Somerset Lad wrote:Citizen 6 days a week, Pink un on Saturday evening, all around Longlevens. Thought I was in bliss when I had a Sunday round up and down Cheltenham Rd. That has brought a few memories back.

I think I know who your ex paymaster was ;)
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

Mackemglaws 12 Sep 2017 17:44 pm said..

Hunts or Phillips?
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Re: O/T The Paper Boy

bernlea 13 Sep 2017 20:08 pm said..

The Citizen going weekly from October?
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