'Big Announcement'

Re: 'Big Announcement'

Chalker 13 Sep 2017 19:12 pm said..

My problem, Lebowski, is the hyperbole. Welcome back, by the way.
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

covglaws 13 Sep 2017 19:22 pm said..

Don't think anyone would deny that it is very important for the club and is another step forward. It is a big announcement, trouble is it doesn't seem like it. Let's be honest, it isn't the sort of thing to really get the juices flowing, like a big name signing. Hence the rather underwhelmed response by some.

Can you imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth, had it emerged that we were sponsorless next season. :o
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

The Vic 13 Sep 2017 19:30 pm said..

Well done to all involved. Its good news and hopefully it can be enjoyed even more if we finish top 6!
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

StroudieGlaws 13 Sep 2017 19:39 pm said..

Excellent news. Well done to all involved.
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

Lebowski 13 Sep 2017 19:48 pm said..

Thanks Chalker - just tongue-in-cheek by the way. :D

I can understand where the club is coming from though. I met with Helen Roe and Steven Vaughan a few weeks ago - who were both incredibly generous with their time - and one of the things we talked about was the way Sarries market themselves compared with us. They told me about some fantastic stuff GR are doing within the community etc, but is largely 'under the radar'. I said I thought we should be more like Sarries, and shout about everything we do! Make a big deal of it - it's what they do!

I am not so arrogant as to think I have been able to influence anything, but rather my point is I agree with this approach. Make a big deal out of things, even if to some it isn't. I totally understand some are underwhelmed by this, but many (such as me) think it is a big deal. The club is 100% right (IMO) to shout about good news of any type.
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

Gb83 13 Sep 2017 20:14 pm said..

Maybe not but it is a way of giving the sponsor media exposure which is why Mitsubishi pay sponsorship money.[/quote]

I get that but the club have built it up as something exciting for the fans and it isn't.


No, the fans have built it up as something "exciting" in their own heads by creating their own expectations and those same fans are now feeling let down that the expectations of their own creation haven't been met.

Given the current economic climate and major sponsor resigning for an increased duration and on increased financial terms can only be a good thing right?[/quote]
100% it's a good thing, I'm very happy about it. But by announcing it on twitter saying big news at 6... for me that isn't the way to announce a commercial deal: I've never seen a football club or from what I recall a rugby club announce a sponsor deal like this.
This deal should have just been announced, it isn't one to get the juices flowing.
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

Sheddy Mcshedface 13 Sep 2017 20:34 pm said..

I'm sure when the global, multi-million dollar Mitsubishi agreed to extend the sponsorship they probably asked us to down play it as well. Probably didn't want anyone to know!
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

Geoffy 13 Sep 2017 20:52 pm said..

I'm delighted with this news. It helps the club to plan with extra certainty, and suggests that Mitsubishi's analysts are pretty happy with our business plan. Investment decisions on player recruitment and pitch replacement should be a little easier.
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

LegendoftAutostrada 13 Sep 2017 21:08 pm said..

After the collapse of the Altrad deal, this is exactly the sort of big announcement we need.

Well done to all concerned - and to those who think differently, I think you are wrong, wrong, thrice wrong! :D
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Re: 'Big Announcement'

Baz 13 Sep 2017 21:09 pm said..

Not only 'significant' but now described as one of the biggest sponsorship deals in the Premiership?
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