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Still Realistic 07 Oct 2017 00:10 am said..

As Shawnsheep said Glaws are slight favourites with the bookies and I think that is the right call. I expect a narrow Glaws win.

BTW to the DH knockers, do you actually understand what his DOR role actually involves?
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

Frazier 07 Oct 2017 06:11 am said..

Snevets49 wrote:

The only thing it doesn't say is some folks write "war and peace" posts on Shedweb all the time. :D
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

Porky 07 Oct 2017 07:45 am said..

Glad Madders gave Leb a direct and detailed answer to the question "What should DH say?" No surprise there, then.

I absolutely defend any poster's right to their opinion but Madders is now guilty of the same "crime" he points at DH, i.e. saying the same thing over and over again.

The difference is that DH a) cannot avoid talking to the media b) HAS to sound constructive and positive c) more than likely hurts at least as much as all of us at the dross of the Sale game. Madders voluntarily airs his view(s) on here (as is his right).

We need to keep a sense of proportion about the arrival of Ackerman.

He has only had five games so I don't expect the team to have turned round instantly but we have won both our home games so far but Sale was a shocker, even against the history that we very rarely do well up there.

I've heard a couple of things recently from long-term supporters:

- Ackerman is not getting the results. Well, give him time and he just might. We must stick with him. How long has it taken Dean Richards to get Newcastle to their current strength and position? I think it's around seven years

- The Sale game was the worst Gloucester performance he had ever seen? Did he not go to Twickenham for the first Premiership final? Remember, that was the "dream team" that got battered. Or the cup final against Cardiff at Twickenham? Was he not at the end of season game we lost to Worcester at CG when that great DoR Dean Ryan was in charge, having been in post for THREE YEARS?

Sense of proportion. Support your team and the club. Don't expect miracles but we might just beat Saints today.
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

PeterD 07 Oct 2017 07:57 am said..

Great post Porky.
There are far worse things in life than being a Glawster supporter.
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

covglaws 07 Oct 2017 08:25 am said..

Lebowski wrote:What should DH say? Seriously - I have asked this before and got no response. So easy to criticise, not so easy to speak to the media in difficult circumstances.

"We were absolute sh**e, don't know why we bother. Really can't be arsed anymore, might as well go home and leave them to it. I'm off to the pub"

I'm sure that would satisfy some folk. :roll:
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

GlawsyD 07 Oct 2017 08:34 am said..

I wonder if DH would find 'Gravedigger' on in the pub, in that case? :D
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

madders 07 Oct 2017 11:29 am said..

That would do!
How about "we're paying big bucks and getting not a lot in return. Some people are quite happy to cash the cheque without earning it."

Perhaps a good clear out is lose by such a margin as at Sale is a disgrace. Other sides with fewer resources are making Gloucester look like an embarrassment .
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

Mark from Stroud 07 Oct 2017 11:46 am said..

Sorry everyone. I thought it was a very positive article and felt that DH actually sounded more upbeat than of late (I know it was print rather than voice, but you know what I mean!)

I certainly didn't expect it to turn into another half-full v half-empty argument
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

Porky 07 Oct 2017 11:56 am said..

Welcome to the Madders School of Motivation! :D :shock:
Time you enjoy wasting is never wasted.
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Re: Telegraph on Gloucester

Lebowski 07 Oct 2017 12:02 pm said..

Hence my rant yesterday Mark - every thread ends up the same! :(

I thought it was a great article and it showed (as have recent comments from people such as Will Greenwood) just how much affection a lot of the (non Gloucester) rugby community have for Glos and Kingsholm.
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