Ross can stay perhaps?

Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

caldiglaws 09 Oct 2017 16:44 pm said..

I love that Ross is talked about going back to Wales as somebody pointed out he has never played for any Welsh team apart from the national team as an adult and if like Wales England's U20 team was its 2nd tier team he wouldn't have at all
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

Sky blue 09 Oct 2017 16:59 pm said..

CMGC wrote:FWIW I wish a method could be devised that stopped France and Eng clubs buying up all the best talent around the globe. Ultimately the game will become narrower and more myopic.

If only there was a way to cap the total amount of salaries that clubs could paid to their players...could that work?
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

Dadofvik 10 Oct 2017 17:00 pm said..

I can understand the WRFU wanring to keep all their players in Wales, but with only four sides to play for, the choice is very limited, and, if they manage to produce a string of good players, there will not be much of an opporrunity for them to get first team experience, and, just as importantly, earn a decent salary. Their choice is very, very limited, and with a short career at the top level, you can’t blame them for moving out of Wales.
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

CMGC 10 Oct 2017 17:29 pm said..

Well they manage it quite well in NZ. Albeit that those below test level then move off elsewhere.
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

JC 10 Oct 2017 18:07 pm said..

The question is, what is Ross looking to do? Is he happy at Glos and looking for a new deal or is he looking to move on within the premiership or back to Wales?

Let me stress, I hope he stays, I really do. But, and this might be controversial, if he is looking to go, why not make the most of the situation and make some money via a transfer now? Then this could be more money generated towards his replacement, maybe Liam Messam from the Chiefs, who could cover 6 and 8. I know the loop-hole that Johnny May exploited was closed by Premier Rugby, but would this apply to the WRU and the regions if they were to come in and make an offer?

Just for the record, I hope he stays, but if he’s not, and he probably has an idea what he wants to do, then let’s be pragmatic and take advantage of the situation.

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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

Worldy 10 Oct 2017 19:59 pm said..

Will Ross be able to refuse to join a Welsh region if they aren’t looking likely to be playing in the top European competition? If he wants career progression then he’ll want to be joining a top side.

I can understand him wanting a move to challenge himself but how many Welsh regions really present that (I’m aware Gloucester don’t currently play at the top table). Can they really force him into moving as a backward step in order to continue playing for Wales?
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

Fat Taff 10 Oct 2017 20:53 pm said..

CMGC wrote:Well they manage it quite well in NZ. Albeit that those below test level then move off elsewhere.

There's a few who would be all Blacks who have gone for the money, a new trend
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

RTS2 10 Oct 2017 21:50 pm said..

I still think Ross will be gone next season.

The Gatland rule is crazy IMHO and the new 60 cap rule is just an extension of it !.

I would love to see him stay at Glaws ; and I am sure he will leave with some sadness and not just on the part of most of us. It's a ridiculous situation which surely will end at some point. Question is when ?.

It's a shame that the rule cannot be challenged by several of the most influential players in Wales but realistically that won't happen. I do feel sorry for Ross in some ways as his hands are in effect tied. I don't think any of us would expect him to potentially sacrifice his international career; although we all most likely want him to stay at CG.
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

Stroud Wizard 12 Oct 2017 08:17 am said..

Typically stubborn Gatland philosophy. Also hypocritical when he has travelled across the world to maximise his income and CV.
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Re: Ross can stay perhaps?

King Prawn Bhuna 12 Oct 2017 08:21 am said..

Stroud Wizard wrote:Typically stubborn Gatland philosophy. Also hypocritical when he has travelled across the world to maximise his income and CV.

I'm not sure this is an issue that can be put down to Gatland, despite being dubbed Gatland's Law. I'm sure I'll be corrected but this is the Welsh equivalent of the 'old farts' trying to maintain the game in Wales but having no money to stump up for it.
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