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Baz 13 Jan 2018 08:15 am said..

Merican forester wrote:Banahan is a great signing and in the same league as Slater. A 8/10 week in week out, a consistently high performing player, just the sort we need. Great role model for our young wingers.

Welcome to the club and look forward to seeing you run out in cherry and white.

It's a good point and in addition to that, our last signings have been great, solid blokes. If we are going to win trophies the right attitude in the dressing room will be important. All the best teams have had great 'mental attitude'
The likes of Matt and Ed slater have that. They've been there and done it. The thoughtfulness and intelligence of Humphreys signings are starting to show through.
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Re: Banahan

Diamo 13 Jan 2018 08:56 am said..

Baz wrote:The thoughtfulness and intelligence of Humphreys signings are starting to show through.
And maybe in a Nutshell, that's why we've not heard from RTS for so long! ;)
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Re: Banahan

Lebowski 13 Jan 2018 09:18 am said..

Before he scored the try I thought Banahan was the best player on the field for Bath. He was really impressive in a retreating defence. The try was simply superb. It shows how much skill he has as well as physicality. He is a superb signing and is clearly a leader in the clubhouse too.

One or two of the comments about him on this board have been ignorant and crass. Everybody is entitled to their opinion of course - some still believe the world is flat - but sometimes I read posts and wonder if the posters even watch any rugby.
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Re: Banahan

steckers 13 Jan 2018 10:01 am said..

He's always good - and worth signing so we don't have to face him twice a year (his scoring record against glos is very good - or at least he always seemed to score against us!)
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Re: Banahan

Sky blue 13 Jan 2018 10:24 am said..

Beddis wrote:
Number10 wrote:
Beddis wrote:Thought Watson and Joseph were woeful tonight, EJ watching cannot be impressed by that performance

Watson was very good going forward, not great in defence though.

Compared to the Scarlets he was no threat whatsoever, just a lot of jinking around before getting tackled and quite often losing ground or even the ball.

Barf were completely outplayed in every facet and only a small number of players can take any satisfaction from their display, Banahan (thankfully), Stooke and Mercer, the rest were just poor or worse.

Great to see as a Glos supporter but not quite so good from the English point of view

I'd love to see some of that no threat whatsoever, woeful British Lions starting talent at Kingsholm next season. I didn't watch the game closely but, come on, Watson is a tremendous player.
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Re: Banahan

CMGC 13 Jan 2018 10:31 am said..

I missed the first half but the bits I saw were of a very dissjointed Barf team. As we know with Glos if things don't click a side can look awfull despite having good individulas. Something isn't right at Barf at the moment. They should be better than they show in games like this. Scarlets were the opposite. A side on song and with everyone on the same page. They must be a delight to coach if that is a typical performance. A very deserved win but hard to draw conclusions for the long term for either team. It will be interesting to see this Scarlets team come up against say Sarries on form or Rochelle.
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Re: Banahan

Ashtennisguru 13 Jan 2018 10:38 am said..

steckers wrote:He's always good - and worth signing so we don't have to face him twice a year (his scoring record against glos is very good - or at least he always seemed to score against us!)

I was thinking exactly that last night when watching the clip of his try - he's a player i'd much rather have on our side than against us!
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Re: Banahan

LowerO 13 Jan 2018 11:04 am said..

I’ve always been mightily relieved whenever MB’s name has been missing from the teamsheet when we play Bath. So the fact he’s coming across is fantastic news. That try last night and his play in general, in a game when Bath were being run ragged, showed just what a plus this will be. To those who question his age and pace, there were no Jonny May lightning runs - but a lot of direct and thoughtful movement with and without the ball - all that creates space and makes yards. Let alone the experience. Welcome!
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Re: Banahan

Glos1012 13 Jan 2018 11:23 am said..

Joseph has never really had to do much to get picked for England. He's one of those that is just 'in'. He plays okay for England though.
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Re: Banahan

Glaws 09 Feb 2018 21:12 pm said..

Our new winger who's 'passed it' has scored again for Bath... ;)
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