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Still Realistic 17 Mar 2018 19:44 pm said..

Glen Sannox wrote:I think the problem might be that you've drunk too much, and it has affected your eyesight

Sober as a judge m'lud! The wing is one area where England have looked ok with May, Daly & Watson all offering a pacy threat going forward and scoring tries. May was told by EJ to come inside looking for work and that's what he is doing although personally I prefer him in wide open spaces.
I would have Nowell at Gloucester in a heartbeat as he is an excellent premiership player but for me his chronic lack of pace makes him a liability at international level.
We will have to agree to differ but that is my view. Cheers.
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Re: England team

robs1 17 Mar 2018 19:47 pm said..

Glen Sannox wrote:Not the least bit controversial - Nowell is pure class and would always be in my 23

He is a great worker and a really good prem winger but he just hasnt got the pace to be an international winger, its a bit like saying robshaw should stay, he hasnt got that bit extra to be in the team anymore, yes he does a lot of graft but when you see how JP did for Italy it shows what we are missing in the england team
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The Vic 17 Mar 2018 20:37 pm said..

As an outsider I'm scratching my head as to why England have done so poorly, the talent is there. I think certain players need a rest, and I hope they get the summer off. I'm not sure the attack is quite clicking for you, I think there is a lack of creativity. I think its only temporary, so don't panic too much
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glawsrugbyfan 18 Mar 2018 09:23 am said..

Glen Sannox wrote:Not the least bit controversial - Nowell is pure class and would always be in my 23

Nowell hasn't enough pace for a top class winger, but if he can stay fit could be a very good outside centre.
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Re: England team

glawsteruk 18 Mar 2018 09:52 am said..

For me, England have really missed B Vunipola and Ben Y in recent games. EJ hasn't learnt the lessons of the RWC where our back row was too slow. I don't think there's too much wrong with our back three - I just don't like seeing JM in the middle of the field, but that's not really his problem. Maybe it's time for players like Hartley, Cole, Haskell and Robshaw to make way for others.
Although Ireland certainly deserved the win, some of the refereeing was a joke - I do think the Irish are particularly good at influencing "sir" - another area which England need to develop.
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SwindonGlos 18 Mar 2018 10:23 am said..

A top class attack coach is the first change for me.

Then a back row from Vunipola, Simmonds, Armand, Underhill, Ludlow, Willis, Curry (x2) and a few others I've probably forgotten.

Jones comment 're a few playing their last game has to be followed up with some hard nosed decisions.

18 months to the world cup so maybe a dozen games to try new combos and bed in a team.

And for goodness sake make players take a rest. Itoje is a very, very good player but looked knackered and made too many poor decisions, probably due to mental fatigue.

He and a few others need enforced rest then gear back up for a big push towards the world cup.
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CMGC 18 Mar 2018 10:33 am said..

SG - That is the problem . EJ has very little control on when is EPS players can play. He has a few W/E's when he gets them and there is a dialouge. However Sarries decide and I suspect he'll be well over 1000 mins by the end of the season. If EJ doesn't select all his main men then a 3-0 loss via SA is on the cards which won't look good or help build for the WC. The problem lies in the players getting flogged over the Sept - May club season and is where Ire and a few others have a big advantage. It is Eng's problem to solve and where the tough decisions need to be made. Sadly the RFU are too spineless so nowt will happen and everyone will blame all the usual names !!!
I notice Wales are smart for example AWJ has only started 4 ( out of 14 ) Pro 14 games this season, whereas he has done 9 Int's . That makes a HUGE difference. No doubt some clever person may be able to access the hours for the key players in the 6 Nats this year. It would be interesting to see the full facts.
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Forrester 18 Mar 2018 11:00 am said..

Geech says in the telegraph this morning that Farrell has played 1200 minutes this season to Sextons 600. They’re being flogged no doubt and England have a pretty poor record in post Lions years.
Not sure what the answer is, the SA is no time to blood youngsters or give starters a rest. I think he could freshen it up a bit but his options are limited.
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Baylion 20 Mar 2018 07:16 am said..

CMGC wrote:No doubt some clever person may be able to access the hours for the key players in the 6 Nats this year. It would be interesting to see the full facts.

A good site to check players' profiles i.t.o minutes played is It's Rugby


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Re: England team

Lebowski 20 Mar 2018 07:47 am said..

Sexton has been injured so that needs to be factored in.
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