International XV

International XV

Face 31 May 2018 16:09 pm said..

Just to put our squad into context for next season, we can field a near International XV with the exceptions of 9 & 15 and me counting the Maori's ( They do play international matches!)

15. Woodward (England Squad member)
14. Sharples
13. BTT
12. Williams
11. Banahan
10. Cipriani
9. Vellacott (England Squad member)

1. Hohneck (Maori All Blacks)
2. Hanson
3. Dreyer
4. Galarza
5. Motsert
6. Polledri
7. Kriel
8. Morgan

Very nice to have such riches!

I don't think this is our best 15 before anyone comments at the lack of Trinder!!
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