Sale's backline

Sale's backline

Tuffty 04 Jul 2018 16:01 pm said..

Sorry if I'm repeating anything but I've just been reading in the Times that Sale will be able to put out the following:

9. Faf de Klerk
10. AJ MacGinty
11. Solomona
12. Van Rensburg
13. James O'Connor
14. Yarde
15. Chris Ashton.

That's pretty tidy any way you look at it.
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"The Holy Writ of Gloucester Rugby Club demands: first, that the forwards shall win the ball; second, that the forwards shall keep the ball; and third, the backs shall buy the beer." - Doug Ibbotson
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Re: Sale's backline

glawfindel 04 Jul 2018 16:08 pm said..

Jeepers - I hope they have a crap pack then!
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Re: Sale's backline

Opportunist 04 Jul 2018 17:39 pm said..

Every team is like that these days. Looking around all the other club's forums everyone is talking about how great their backline looks. Sale's backline does look impressive on paper but it's no scarier than our other rivals and our backline doesn't look too bad either. There are 12 very good teams in the Premiership next season and it won't be easy for anyone.

Also worth noting that Sale will be without De Klerk for a long portion of next season.
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Re: Sale's backline

Simmo468 04 Jul 2018 17:40 pm said..

Their squad is also very small compared to others; a few injuries and they will struggle.
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Re: Sale's backline

Baz 04 Jul 2018 20:44 pm said..

As we have found out you have to win the ball first. Gloucester have at times had the finest backs in the Premiership, it got us the odd trophy. You build from the forwards, Sale seem to be going down the wrong road and I’m not that impressed really.
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Re: Sale's backline

TP17 04 Jul 2018 22:04 pm said..

They aren't too light in the pack mind - Curry Bros, Strauss and Jono Ross for example. But I agree, apart from them they don't have much strength in depth.
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Re: Sale's backline

The Moog 04 Jul 2018 22:24 pm said..

Who cares about that backline we had one to die for a few years back but no forwards. When our boys stop their possession then they will see
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Re: Sale's backline

chris1850 05 Jul 2018 07:51 am said..

Our first choice front five of Harrison, Webber, John, Ostrikov/Beaumont, Evans are all very good proven AP forwards (John aside, whose first season was last year, but nevertheless impressed ). The back three of Curry/Curry, Strauss and Ross add more 'star quality' and last season was first season for Ross and Strauss and a very formative one for the Currys who confirmed their academy potential. We would expect all three/four to kick on this year in their second seasons together at the club. As a unit, it is by no means the strongest in the Prem, but neither is it the weakest. Last year, it did its fair share of dominating others as well as being overpowered on occasions. TP17 is right however in that there is not too much (quality) strength in depth and that has been a concrn for us for a couple of years now, particularly at LH where Ross Harrison played 80 minutes virtually every game last year.

I would argue that our backline is up there with the best now. RJvR was a huge signing for us (sorry!) and was the missing piece in the jigsaw. Our only real issue will be that we are unlikely to see Faf until October. Will Cliff is a steady, honest deputy but lacks Fafs dynamism and spark (though is also less prone to an outrageous gaffe!)

Ultimately though the cliche of 'forwards win matches, the backs decide by how many' may well be especially pertinent for us this season. We desperately need a quality, proven LH to take the pressure off Harrison and a second decent hooker at the very least (Marc Jones had a poor return to us last year).

However, in Dimes we trust! He now has money to spend, we are still well below the salary cap and he has publically recognised the lack of forwards depth and the need to address this with quality signings. We can but take him at his word as he has done a fine job for us over the years with very limited resources. Sale, like Glaws, are a club on the up. It's great to see and we look forward to our games with you next season.
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Re: Sale's backline

Steve M 05 Jul 2018 07:54 am said..

Its about time we stopped worrying about what players others teams have and let them worry about the players we have.

Onwards and upwards, come on you Cherries !! :D
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Re: Sale's backline

Baz 05 Jul 2018 08:14 am said..

Good luck to Sale Chris 1850 but it must be tough relying on crowds of 5,000 for home games? I'm sure the owners have plans to encourage more support but I'm not sure the promise of 'The Ashton Splash' will do it. No doubt sale will competitive but no side will go all season without injuries so that backline will look very different at times. At least you have a decent ground and don't have to climb up scaffolding each week to get to your seat like some poor supporters do.
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