Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

RTS2 17 Sep 2018 07:50 am said..

Sensible viewpoint Old Rik . I think 6th or above would be a realistic expectation given the ammo we still have to back up the currently available players .

I think three out of four wins against Sarries and Chiefs and we will make the play offs and the final . Those two are for me the real acid test . I fancy us against both at home . If we could pull of a win in either the trip to Allianz Or Sandy Park I think we could go all the way this season . Leicester don't look a threat so far ; although it's early days and both Quins and Wasps look a bit hit and miss . Saints away will be a tough one and although they are all important matches in this league a solid win at Sale would for me make some amends for last seasons implosion . That's one match I'm sure the boys will be totally up for this season .

No easy matches ahead but all the signs are there . Can't wait to see our other arrivals in action but I think it's a gradual introduction scenario for them as the coaches won't IMO want to disrupt the nucleus of what's been a good starting squad .

Saturday should be approached as if it's the final . We have to go with the belief that we can win it . There is no reason we can't if everyone plays to the very best of their ability . The big factor is belief and the right mindset to see it through for 80 mins !!.
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

CMGC 17 Sep 2018 08:48 am said..

It will be interesting to see how the game plays out. However Sarries will quite rightly expect to win at home and should have just about everyone available it seems. Their first XV is dripping with good Int's . On their plastic pitch they do play well. I can't see us being stronger in the pack and their backline is very experienced and slick. If we slip in defence they will score. A BP loss would be a perfectly respectable return.
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

Clive's Pants 20 Sep 2018 19:39 pm said..

Is the game still on? It's Thursday night and Shedweb seems to have been distracted by other things.
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

madders 20 Sep 2018 19:53 pm said..

CMGC...perhaps we should just concede and not bother travelling?
Imho we should get stuck into them and test their mettle.....see what they are made of and give them bloody noses at least!
The forecast is heavy rain and strong winds......will the game even go ahead?
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

Baldhead2 20 Sep 2018 20:33 pm said..

Is Hienz going to be back ??

Woodward as we discussed in another thread a few months ago went off the boil late in the season. Too much running sideways and too many pointless and often poor kicks.

That said I see no counter attacking strategy, too much off the cuff
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

larry1 20 Sep 2018 20:57 pm said..

Am I right in thinking Cips was quoted last season as saying he didn't like this playing surface as he rolled his ankle on it playing for Wasps? I thought it was one of these types of pitches. Would be interesting if Williams , if fit, got the nod for Sunday.
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Re: Next game: Sarries @sq. of astroturf nr. M25

CMGC 20 Sep 2018 20:58 pm said..

I have little doubt that JA will have the team reved up and they will try their best. That doesn't mean we will win. Optimism gets you so far only. The players should think they can do it but accept that it will be very tough.
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