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Baz 03 Dec 2018 10:15 am said..

I have to admit that centre hasn’t been our strongest this season. Trinder hasn’t been on form and Atkinson’s offload game hasn’t really been capitalised on.Williams is an International centre so not really a risk. I see something special here though, not only is Williams stro ng but he has a really quick pass. Our back line was as good as it’s been all season on Saturday. He reminds me of Slade at Exeter, who it took a while to settle there, having also been considered at 10.
Only one game but we just looked so much more dangerous in the backs. That would certainly be my first choice back line at the moment. Williams May be very hard to shift?
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

King Prawn Bhuna 03 Dec 2018 10:20 am said..

I have to call out Ed Slater. We are a different side with him steering the ship, he seems fitter, happier and younger than when he joined. Some engine room and leadership team we seem to be building. The heart of a good club seems to be a good place at the moment.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Clive's Pants 03 Dec 2018 10:48 am said..

Owen is Cips' Jimmy Gopperth option which worked so well at Wasps. Billy 12T has been trying to play that role and has not quite had the silky skills. Seems odd it had taken so long to try Owen out in that role but on the strength of Sat we should continue - particularly since our defence was not adversely affected.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Big Red 03 Dec 2018 10:55 am said..

Echo many on the comments on the thread so far. Was really pleased with our forwards and they have set themselves a benchmark now for the level we expect from them. I'm really excited to see how a fully loaded pack raises it further for high intensity occasions like Chiefs and Munster at Holm in Europe.

Really looking forward to watching the full game back, to have a closer look at some of the performances. Thought the back row were superb and it had a really nice balance. Clarke was immense and probably MOTM, but really enjoying watching Ben Morgan at the moment who I thought was superb once again. Jaco Kriel is getting better with every game and could be very special for us. I was amazed at how quick he was live and his link play.

I also think the impact of Hanson can't be underestimated. Quietly, I think he is extremely effective for us and was a shrewd bit of business. Seeing his name on the team sheet fills me with confidence every time. Most of all though, boy am I glad Ed Slater is at our club. He is everything we hadn't had for years and his presence, not to mention his contributions and performances, are invaluable.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Oxford Glaws 03 Dec 2018 11:07 am said..

Hucclecote Glaws wrote:I like the two pint cups. From where I stand in the Shed, it's difficult to get out and back to my spot once I'm there, so previously if I wanted another drink, I'd have had to take two single pints in with me. With a two pint cup, I can get in shortly after the gates open, buy two pints of Stowford at the happy hour price and take it with me.

I do think, that in the interests of the comfort of those fans seated/standing next to them, purchasers should have to provide some sort of doctor's certificate. And, rather than adding to the already-endless queues for the toilets at half time, we could turn risk into an opportunity by devising yet another half-time challenge (possibly involving Kingsley).
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Ken Burney 03 Dec 2018 11:09 am said..

Hanson reminds me of Mefin Davies : - good at the set piece, carries well, good work rate and often turns messy ball into good quality ball.

I concur that bringing in Hanson was a very good piece of business.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

JamesK 03 Dec 2018 11:15 am said..

I won't say this as many times as Stroud Wizard but I fully agree that Williams has been under-used since his arrival at Glaws and I think its unfair to say he hasn't taken his opportunities - until Saturday he'd had very few opportunities.

However, going fowards I expect that he'll prove himself to be a valuable member of the squad.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Glen Sannox 03 Dec 2018 11:24 am said..

Forget all this nonsense about the backs, the line I liked best was from Solomons when he said something to the effect that his pack had been beaten up by the Glaws boys. We've had so many years when we've been out-muscled that it lifts my soul to see a proper Glaws pack working over the opposition!

Oh, and by the way, this made me smile...apparently GP fans all over England are talking in awe about OW's performance. Thankfully, it has a quote from JA that keeps things in perspective. ... k-15494724
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Opportunist 03 Dec 2018 12:42 pm said..

Williams started the season as our second choice 10, and when Cipriani is available I don’t think Williams will ever be picked ahead of him. But with our lack of depth in the centres he was always going to be given a chance at 12 at some point and he’s now played well enough to prove he should be considered for selection there. In the next two weeks we’ll need the Cipriani-Williams axis to perform well against Exeter in attack, and equally when we face Newcastle and Sale in the league Williams will need to show he’s got what it takes defensively, opposite Johnny Williams and possibly Van Rensburg.
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Re: Glaws vs Warriors OGT

Peter 03 Dec 2018 12:53 pm said..

I thought last year that Burns probably deserved the start on dry pitches, but that I would prefer OW on wet pitches. With DC and OW it has to get much wetter before I would start OW, but I still have that feeling.

Glen is right about the pack, and I thought Morgan and Clarke showed really well. I notice that Morgan sometimes selects the "pass" option and executes well, setting him apart from many forward ball-carriers (and at least one full back).

Thorley looks the business (once he learns to catch). And I would be happy to see the backs line up the same way next game.
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