Munster Friday Night

Re: Munster Friday Night

Glawsterkaapie 09 Jan 2019 15:03 pm said..

agreed Madders : the ruck is a mess with too many hands in....

Glaws simply need to be clever going into the contact area : it's all about timing : sometimes we clear out too quickly leaving the next opp player with a clear pilfering opportunity or at least an opportunity to slow us down....
Other times the ball carrier's too isolated and when is tackled properly, doesn't give enough time for the support to get there....

timing, timing, timing....some of our guys will get their timing more precise going forward...especially the likes of Mostert, Visagie and Kriel who are all still adapting to the different pace and requirements of NH forward play.

Somebody's going to cop a solid walloping when we do get the timing and fluency back.

Fronting up to Munster may be that catalyst....I'll be there in The Shed bellowing our boys on.....

Let's be patient and get behind the boys who are not wanting for effort : just a little more in the way of smarts....
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Re: Munster Friday Night

madders 09 Jan 2019 15:25 pm said..

Thanks G'kaapie, beginning to think l was a dinosaur, we called it "keeping the oppo honest".
Really looking forward to this.
I started off with nothing and I’ve still got most of it left.
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Re: Munster Friday Night

NorthernShedHead 10 Jan 2019 13:06 pm said..

Surely some of you must be a little more excited following the team announcement!
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Peanutcoxy 10 Jan 2019 13:39 pm said..

NorthernShedHead wrote:Surely some of you must be a little more excited following the team announcement!

I am :D
The older I get the faster I was
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Glawsterkaapie 10 Jan 2019 13:49 pm said..

I am as per my contribution to the Team's Up chat...
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Clive's Pants 10 Jan 2019 15:31 pm said..

Oh yes...right excited now! Phew, I thought I might be dead.
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Mainer04 10 Jan 2019 16:00 pm said..

BigLad on the Munster forum is very confident. Our motley crew back row with a SA and England international.
Sly hands also, well they lie over the breakdown and come in at the side no why not sly hands as well .
Looking forward to seeing our pack getting murdered as well.
Understand they are favourites but don’t write us off this early.

If two lions are bossed by that motley crew of a back row.i give up

We don’t need to target dc. Just manic aggression at the breakdown with a bit of sly hands in there. The old smart Munster way.

There going to try get the ball out to dc as fast as they can using twelvetrees and on to sharples. He gave us a bit of a runaround last time in Kingsholm. However I think we are going to murder them in the pack.

kick our points when it’s right. Maul them. Kill them in the breakdown. Kicks to the corner. If we do the basics right we be in control
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Glosser 10 Jan 2019 19:14 pm said..

They certainly seem very confident, some might say over confident.
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Baz 10 Jan 2019 19:26 pm said..

They are an odd lot on their web site, now ‘self debasing’ alongside taking the Mickey out of Cipriani claiming they have no chance, as he’s the best in the world. Mood swings on a much wider scale than ‘’Shedweb’
Now claiming 3 to 4000 support even though they’ve sent tickets back and offering ones they can’t fulfill. They love a myth and a tall story them cheeky monkeys.
They’ve even got a guy on their whose obviously stolen ‘Oxford O’ Glaws’ identity and is encouraging them to go drinking in Northleach? Funny
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Re: Munster Friday Night

Jimbodini 10 Jan 2019 19:38 pm said..

Still think Munster will win but a lot happier having seen our team. Love the idea of mostert in the back row with the starting second row we have. Great to see Ollie back on the wing.

Munster will be hugely physical as always and think their streetwiseness will be enough to see them through.

Munster should have at least 3/4K fans and so they should considering it’s the equivalent of SW England we are playing against.

Hugely looking forward to the game, hopefully we turn up and add to what will be a great occasion.
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