Building the Atmosphere

Re: Building the Atmosphere

Sheddy Mcshedface 09 Jan 2019 20:45 pm said..

History, it's just one thing after another!
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Ferret 09 Jan 2019 21:01 pm said..

Thing of the past may as well move on.
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

DieTrying 09 Jan 2019 21:40 pm said..

if we have to "build" up a false atmosphere on a Friday night , then we might as well pack up as supporters.
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Harrison26 10 Jan 2019 07:55 am said..

Beddis wrote:Maybe the team are going to wear cherry and white? Munster are wearing their blue/green away strip, so fingers crossed!!!

I thought each team had to register two kits? So I would assume we are going for the blue and pink rather than White for this game? On a selfish note, I hope we do go for pink and blue as I bought the shirt specifically to wear over to Munster in October and they didn’t bloody wear it! :lol:
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Lambpie 10 Jan 2019 20:22 pm said..

GREENZILLA wrote:A few thoughts on expanding the Atmosphere at Castle Grim. Not to disrupt Kingsholm traditions but would be people welcome more songs being sung during the game about players and there exploits.
Ie a song about Ollie Thorley
"We got Ollie, Ollie Thorley
I just don't think you understand
When he's out wide, he scores loads of tries
Ollie, Ollie Thorley"
Getting the shed to shout these kind of songs builds atmosphere and intimidation to visiting teams.

:D :D you’re not a Wolves supporter are you? I was stood in the middle of the Sir Jack Hayward Stand on Monday night when they sang the same song about Ruben Neves, only trouble was that I was supporting Liverpool :)
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

King Prawn Bhuna 11 Jan 2019 08:44 am said..

Just saying like......

We are the Glo'ster boys, we are the Glo'ster boys;
We know our manners, we spend our tanners,
we are respected wherever we may go.
And when you're walking down the Bristol Road,
Doors and windows open wide.
You can here the people shout
"Put them bloody Woodbines out!"
'Cause we are the Glo'ster boys

Although I do like the thought of using Mosteeert, the tune of Muuuuunster....Muuuunster :D
Here's to the nights I'll never remember with the friends I'll never forget...
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Hovis 11 Jan 2019 10:50 am said..

The Club have just tweeted a picture of the Malvern stand full of flags.
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Castle Grim Reaper 11 Jan 2019 10:53 am said..

Hovis wrote:The Club have just tweeted a picture of the Malvern stand full of flags.

I hope they are fire-retardant :o :o
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Re: Building the Atmosphere

Glawsterkaapie 11 Jan 2019 10:54 am said..

I'm with KPB (as per usual)

Gloucester boys during the warmup
during halftime
and after we've done the job on our visitors....

bring it on....
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