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Miles 12 Jan 2019 11:24 am said..

Despite the result I did somehow manage to enjoy the match last night. I thought the atmosphere was excellent. We are just sadly running on fumes. With a few weeks to rotate and with lots of the squad due to come back soon there is a lot to be positive about still.

I also have complete faith in Ackermann and the team, he agrees with what most of us are thinking and it's great to see him pick up on all of the same points we've shown concern over. Well captured as always rob - ... es-2421929
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VV 12 Jan 2019 11:28 am said..

I've given myself some thinking time before posting but the issues surrounding last night's latest defeat are very well captured, for me, in gloskarlos 12 Jan 2019 08:42 am. In summary, an injury ravaged squad outclassed by a relatively fresh, well disciplined, and more savvy Irish province with a world class 9.
I'd add that frustratingly our error count remains high and we gave away, far too cheaply, many of their tries whereas we had to work incredibly hard for ours. Not quite a crisis yet but alarms bells must be ringing especially given the way we dipped in the second half of last year. Yes, we are, on paper, a better equipped squad this year but with a very strong '15' constantly injured on the sidelines we are creaking badly, with front row a particular concern.
Given the available resources it's probably difficult to achieve but I'd vote to get those we've overplayed (or want to protect) out of the match day squad over the next few games, even if it means blooding Academy players before their time, and reset for the Premiership run in.
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Cherryade 12 Jan 2019 11:31 am said..

Nothing offensive posted so I see no reason for any posts to be moderated....this is a fans forum for debate....if we all agreed and were happy-clappys there would be no debate/forum.

JA and his coaching team are having a tough time at the moment...I hope they and the players can turn things around quickly....we desperately need some players back to fitness however....our injury list has probably been well into double figures every week of the season so far? already alluded too by many with a smaller squad this is just bound to hurt and is.
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grunter 12 Jan 2019 11:34 am said..

Wilkosam wrote:Men against boys in terms of composure. They didn't buckle under the pressure and we certainly did. They beat us up good and proper in the pack. How can a lineout with Mostert, Slater and Grobler be so dysfunctional?

Poor delivery and maybe poor calls.
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Beddis 12 Jan 2019 11:37 am said..

grunter wrote:
Wilkosam wrote:Men against boys in terms of composure. They didn't buckle under the pressure and we certainly did. They beat us up good and proper in the pack. How can a lineout with Mostert, Slater and Grobler be so dysfunctional?

Poor delivery and maybe poor calls.

Don’t forget we were playing against O’Mahony who disrupted the All Blacks line out in November. He is a magnificent player and astonishingly good in the line out. Go back and watch the game in Limerick to see how much ball he disrupted then. Add in Beirne as well and they are as annoyingly brilliant as there is
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DieTrying 12 Jan 2019 11:43 am said..

For me the key areas were 1. Munster continually aimed to disrupt our breakdowns and line outs whereas we didn't really try and disrupt theirs. 2. Their lines of attack and speed were a class above and showed up how ponderous we can be. 3. They didn't fall off as many tackles as we did. The last few games have shown how one dimensional we can be at times. Opposition teams have figured out they just need to disrupt / bully us to get us on the back foot. Imho we need to attack the breakdown both in attack and defence, have more speed in the backline, use more of the top two inches and have a plan B, C, D etc.
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Herefordpropforward 12 Jan 2019 12:40 pm said..

Couple of points . The strikingly obvious - not a good display. I sat next to a former Wigan player and he said pointedly , “ I have been trying to work out the Gloucester coaching plan and I cant’t discern one. The Munster one is obvious”. We weren’t well prepared. We were incredibly slow in distributing ball from the base of the scrum. We were more interested in wham bang that using players out wide in space . Some players seemed to lack fire. Also warning to our moderators with Stalinist tendencies you don’t publicly name and shame you send a PM if you have concerns .
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caldiglaws 12 Jan 2019 14:49 pm said..

Currently watching Leinster beating Toulouse and it seems both Leinster and Minster have aggressive fast defence is this due maybe to the Irish international defence coaches working with provinces giving them a single defence strategy which would mean once they meet up for 6 nations ECT they are prepared
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RTS2 12 Jan 2019 15:08 pm said..

Well at least we haven't had any "fine margin" speeches from the " powers that be" the last four matches . That's a refreshingly positive development from the last few seasons ! :D

There were very few fine margins last or this week . I've been comparing Diamonds tactics last week and Ackers ex - coaching mates tactics last night . Not totally disimilar . I said it a few weeks ago and will make the point again . Our game plan is too easy to disrupt and read . Actualky ; I'm not seeing a clear game plan at all of late . It's not a negative criticism ; it's just my own view point .

Many will no doubt disagree.

This current Gloucester side is (as always) a professional squad . The professional game is a squad game as much as a match - day team game . I respect Ackers honesty . He has stated that the team selected last night ( albeit from an injury - depleted squad ) were ( his own opinion) good enough to win last night . OK ; on paper Munster were and proved again to be a class act .

They virtually destroyed us and almost the Kingsholm fortress reputation in one hit . Their defence was as impressive as their raids . Total respect and admiration for their rugby pedigree.
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Re: Munster OGT

RTS2 12 Jan 2019 15:09 pm said..

We appear to have an underlying problem beyond injuries . Yes that's obviously a significant factor ; but there are others .

1) The Ackers game style and tactics are not being delivered or deliverable by all of the full squad .

2 ) We need a number of better squad players and arguably a number of better first - line players in a number if positions . This has been widely debated in the forum of late .

3 ) We need to adapt our game plan ( whoever is selected ) to suit the team we are playing . Whilst I'm not critiscing the coaching team ( as I've not evidence they aren't attempting this ) ; it's clear either players - captain(s) aren't following the script and allowing it to be easily disrupted or they just are capable of focusing it under pressure .

4 ) Errors and discipline . Almost predictable now in their own right . Has to stop ; or we will become a losing habit for too many league games . The Premiership relegation zone is uncomfortably not yet a clear cut matter .

Much thinking required for the next two matches - including taking a beating if it means giving some players a rest . I'd rather see some players getting experience and some more game time than trying to field our strongest side and continuing in the same vein as the last four . At least everyone knows that strategy and why before the next phase of Premiership matches .
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