Munster game review

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Jimbodini 12 Jan 2019 10:10 am said..

I’m not saying that improvements haven’t been made but unless we wake up pretty damn quickly we will find outlrselves down the bottom end before we know it.

Our players are currently out on their feet (no fault of their own or ackers) so would rest as many first teamers starting next week and give them a chance to recover and hopefully have everyone that isn’t long term fit and firing for the brutal double of Exeter and sarries at home.

We are in a poor run of form and need to get back on the horse ASAP although I acknowledge that last night there wasn’t a great deal we could have done. Beaten by a top team playing pretty much at the top of their game.
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Re: Munster game review

HardwickeShed 12 Jan 2019 11:06 am said..

The day after the night before. As some have said, we were beaten by a much better side. I cannot however fault the effort of the players and we stayed behind to clap them off (with half of Ireland!!). Yes there are things to work on and Hudson had a bad but who hasn’t had a bad day at work before? A few other points-
Balance of the back row looked better after Clarke came on
Can anyone explain mid second half the Munster knock on (from where we were sat) which became a line out to us and then a penalty to Munster??
Walker is a young lad - he will only get better and has my support
Defence - agree with the point about our commitment to the breakdown and defensive lines , we do look exposed at times
Finally I have thoroughly enjoyed being back in the big boys cup. Did better than I expected and a good learning experience
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Re: Munster game review

Asgard 12 Jan 2019 11:15 am said..

Munster were indeed ruthless when they got anywhere near the 22 but we made it so easy for them to get into that position. At scrum I thought it was blatantly obvious when we played Connacht that referee Poite cared little for a scrummaging battle and all he wanted was the ball out as quickly as possible. Last night was exactly the same, if the ball didn't come out, the side putting the ball in got the penalty. It took Gloucester's front row at least 3 penalties to get their memory back but in the meantime the penalty put the ball deep into our half.
Similarly at the line-out Poite ping Gloucester in Connacht for taking their time to form the line-out/ delay the throw. It was a again no surprise that Poite was consistent on that front last night, too.
When you add the inability to catch the high ball into the mix Gloucester were in the deep sh*t.
Now there were enough senior players on the pitch to come up with fixes but Gloucester carried on ploughing the same deep furrow. Who ever leading the pack should have been calling the short line-out just to get some possession and create a bit of rhythm but, no, it was the long throw to the middle or back by an inexperienced hooker.
Leadership was scarce last night.
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Re: Munster game review

Major Jasper 12 Jan 2019 11:51 am said..

Interesting views from all, I remain positive as do think although we are going through a tough period we are learning lots. We also need to recognise that the injury situation is really hindering us both with the loss of key players and the ability to rotate. Hat off to Balmain and Hohneck whom both deserve immense respect!.

There were some key points to reflect on last night:

- Lineouts, not great for either side on respective throw ins. For ours in the first half Munster consistently closed the gap and Walker moved which led to the free kick award. However he learnt from this and the next line out highlighted to the officials whom moved Munster. The senior players should have helped in this area prior to this. For what its worth I think Walker is going to be an extremely good player and I will certainly be watching his development with interest.

- Munster defence was immense - so impressive. It took over 30 phases to score and that defence was just so good!

- I actually think the score slightly flattered them - they were more than deserved winners and that was not in doubt.
However one score came from a Poite error, Murray came around when ball was not out, scrum awarded to Munster and they scored. Poite can even be heard apologising and saying he did not see the player. The other score when Carbery intercepted Morgans pass was when we were forcing the game playing catch up.

So hopefully cool heads today and reflect fully on a match against a top side on their metal last night. Yes errors were made but I really do think this will help the development moving forward.

Well done Munster as you were deserved winners.
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Re: Munster game review

Opportunist 12 Jan 2019 16:23 pm said..

Munster were so good yesterday that no single change would have made much difference. But the one selection we got wrong was Banahan. We really missed his experience and physicality last night. His defence and aerial presence would have been a real bonus against the pressure Munster put on us. Sharples is a great finisher to have in the side when we’re on top, but I’d want Banahan playing in the big games every time.
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Re: Munster game review

Baldhead2 15 Jan 2019 18:52 pm said..

Lots of good points but I’m still in the mindset that only 2 of our backline should survive as first choice starters if we are to challenge Exeter/Sarries in GP and the big boys in the big cup.
... Cips and Thorley. BTT is a great back up but Atkinson, Hudson, Sharples and Braley aren’t going to take us forward.

Harsh maybe but imho that’s the reality we have to grasp. I’m not advocating going abroad or for an instant fix. In another thread there was a series of nominations of who we could recruit, some young top talents and some that simply need the opportunity.

The English game has a huge pool of talent that has limited opportunities, given the number of top clubs and number of foreign stars. New talent pops up everywhere every season so I’d just like Glos to tap into that more. That includes promoting our own, which tbh we do but perhaps we need to be more ruthless and discard and move on if they aren’t developing sufficiently. Vellacott is a quandary I admit, he has all the talent, but he hasn’t done enough with ample opportunity to warrant a place above Braley who has half the attributes but is more reliable. Must be a between the ears thing or is it coaching ??
Bit of thrashing around looking for solutions I accept but come on we are Glawster we need to get this right.
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Re: Munster game review

Jimbodini 15 Jan 2019 20:30 pm said..

Would have to agree with you bald head. These are all decent club players but when the chips are really down in the tough games they don’t really stand up. Nothing against them, just the truth.

The one thing with Munster is how many of their team are home grown Munster lads who the shirt means everything to. Yes some of the overseas or other players may be better but you can’t beat pure passion for the shirt.

Have read many a time that Peter o Mahoney is neither the strongest, quickest or best technical player but his sheer will to win, passion for both Ireland and Munster is second to none and something you simply cannot buy. Surely we have some lads out there who have the same passion and desire to play for glaws and should be given a try from the academy.
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Re: Munster game review

vitesse 15 Jan 2019 21:08 pm said..

Having read so much about Friday and having been at the game - for me the level playing field would be Munster v the best of Glos/Bris/Exe and b@rf. There's a few internationals in that mix. And before I'm castrated by the great and the good on here, Munsters crop of players has IIRC 12 national squad therein to play or not as they see fit.... Whereas Glos squad is far below that. If it were possible to reorg the European cup then it would be more even. Yes, yes, yes, we were outplayed, but why..? Ans = because they were/are a level above us, i.e. that gap between club and national team. How can we compete..?
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Re: Munster game review

Tump 15 Jan 2019 21:27 pm said..

How do Saracens and Exeter compete ?
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Re: Munster game review

vitesse 15 Jan 2019 22:09 pm said..

Tump wrote:How do Saracens and Exeter compete ?

Let's see......
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