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Army v Navy - Off Topic

tigerchef 05 Feb 2019 18:14 pm said..

I know that it's off topic, but great to hear that this year's nominated charity is Combat Stress. A very worthwhile charity which does a lot of good.

For any serving, ex-forces, blue-light personal etc, who are struggling with their mental health, then there are several agencies that can help.

TRBL helpline: 0808 802 8080
Forcesline: 0800 731 4880
Combat Stress: 0800 138 1619, text us on 07537 404 719 or email
Big White Wall: ... urnUrl=%2f

Or if you really are desperate and fancy a chat with a pongo slop-jockey, give me a call on 07810 741532. I may not be able to help you, but I will listen. Let's beat the black dog.

Ps. For those who know why I have posted this, please respect privacy.
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