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Not1eyed 09 Feb 2019 18:46 pm said..

Ryno, I’m not sure bbc have much influence on the quality of refereeing.
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Re: Scotland Ireland and Italy Wales

Still Realistic 10 Feb 2019 09:34 am said..

Only watched Sco v Ire late last night knowing the result & criticism of the ref & I did doze off in the 2nd half but my thoughts are:-
1) Not my favourite ref but I thought that on balance he was OK. Laidlaws post match interview was disappointing.
2) Laidlaw spent as much time as Murray flapping his arms and appealing to the ref instead of getting on with the game. Still obviously no run threat, good short range kicker though.
3) Ireland are starting to look like an old team heading into the WC. History says experienced teams do well at WCs but in warm conditions in Japan I am wondering about some of their older players ability to last the pace.
4) Ireland are fast becoming the late cheap shot champions although Scotland were also guilty of some as well. Were Hogg and Sexton "targeted"? PoM is an excellent player but I have lost some respect for him in the last 2 weeks although I'm sure he doesn't care.
5) I think someone on here said it was a terrible game which was rather harsh. PoC said at halftime that it had been better than the Ire v Eng game which seemed equally excessive. That really was a game Scotland should have won and regardless of refs decisions they blew far too many opportunities. They do play a good game for the neutrals though.
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