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spanish exile 17 May 2019 21:11 pm said..

Fortunately this match doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things & I am sure that a good weeks training & we will be flying -- this is where the experienced players come to the fore -- I hope!!
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Re: Team V Sharks

DieTrying 17 May 2019 21:11 pm said..

Allez Glaws wrote:If I were Wasps, Bristol, Bath I'd be pretty hacked off. While I think this is the right approach for us I think this could be another ugly result up north.

Does highlight the need to get some more centres in - wingers everywhere 11-15!

If they were in the same position, they'd probably do the same and if the Prem gets ring fenced? Get used to the same scenario repeated on many weekends.
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Re: Team V Sharks

Neilio44 18 May 2019 00:07 am said..

Gloucester Mute wrote:Whilst many GRFC supporters don't seem to care about the side selected @ Sale I am not ashamed to say I do. Why ??

Because I think it's a mistake to go into our Semi-Final with many players having "rested" for the previous 2 matches. Last match-time (which is not replicated in training) will have been on 4th May. The SF will be on 25th May - a 3-week gap. For me that is too long a gap except for those nursing injuries. We will "be cold". I remember the 3 week gap when Wasps "stuffed us" @ Twickenham.

I don't think we are being very respectful to the other Premiership teams - those vying for HC positions. You can bet your bottom dollar that if GRFC were in the positions of teams in 4th-8th we would be livid that Sale are only facing a mainly 2nd string side.

Confidence, squad spirit and momentum are very important. How confidence-making will it be if we end up with a battering in Salford ?? How will those being sent as relative "cannon-fodder" feel about their squad-mates being wrapped in cotton-wool ?? Will the non-players be travelling up to Sale in support of their mates ?? What momentum can be maintained within the whole squad/supporters ahead of SF if many don't actually play ??

Sarries had a very hard match last Saturday. We didn't play at all. Now they can rest those players - players whom have earned confidence, squad spirit and momentum from winning the HC.

No doubt cue ridicule from those who don't really know their rugby BUT this approach does not make any sense to me and is inviting trouble ahead. A short-term and long-term mistake IMHO.

Who the hell cares if we're being 'respectful' to other opponents? Do we have a duty to? Don't we have a duty to only do the best for GRFC? You do issue some good points from time to time, GM, but unfortunately it is overshadowed on too frequent an occasion by utter tosh! :D
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Re: Team V Sharks

Russglos 18 May 2019 01:09 am said..

We mind our manners and we spend our Tanners.....
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Re: Team V Sharks

gmorgan131285 18 May 2019 04:25 am said..

Changes don’t necessarily mean weakness, it’s a game Sale need to win and we don’t. What would you say IF we took 3 or 4 key injuries in this game? Also it means that the squad playing in the SF can hit the ground running ASAP for their preparations without having to do recovery sessions Monday/Tuesday like most weeks. No other team in the league in our position would pick a 1st 23. The only reason Exeter have picked a strong 23 because they are bang out of form.
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Ken Burney 18 May 2019 05:24 am said..

I note that the Saracens' squad is very dissimilar to the one selected for the Heineken Champions' Cup final last weekend. Like us, Saracens do not want to risk further injuries prior to their semi final match.

Whoever we play in the semi final, it will be a very tough proposition. I agree with Johan Ackermann to rest some of our key players who must be very weary. There is no point in risking unnecessary potential injury.

The likes of Grobler, Polledri, Thorley, Marshall and Woodward need some game time as they are likely to be needed for the semi final squad.
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madders 18 May 2019 06:17 am said..

Two things:
- that match day 23 is well capable of winning.
- some comments on here are not going to make those players feel good, infact some are quite insulting.
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Re: Team V Sharks

BomberWells 18 May 2019 06:28 am said..

Agree with you Madders. Team still looks pretty good to me, gives these boys a real chance to step up and start staking a claim for more regular rugby next year.

Or sign out on a high in savage’s case. I’m expecting a strong performance.
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Re: Team V Sharks

Shedsince '68 18 May 2019 07:48 am said..

Two things:
- that match day 23 is well capable of winning.
- some comments on here are not going to make those players feel good, infact some are quite insulting.

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Re: Team V Sharks

Gb83 18 May 2019 07:59 am said..

I struggle to get my head around people not seeing the bigger picture here.

There is an argument we could be rusty but I think the risk of injury and fatigue are far greater.

All prem teams have squads and have every right to play who they want, there are players starting today which some argue should start every week, no doubt they will be out to prove a point and you if they don’t then they’re not for us anyway.

Assuming we play Sarries we need every 1st choice available playing to their peaks and will need the rub of the green to beat them.
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