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Steve M 22 May 2019 08:07 am said..

CMGC wrote:This rot needs to be stopped by WR. There needs to be a set of rules brought in to prevent SA/ Pacific Island and other areas having their talent stripped away by the established nations. Rugby will be stuck in the dark ages otherwise.

Think I would include South Africa as an established nation ?

Hear what you are saying but its a difficult one. It would be lovely if the Pacific Islanders could stay at home and play top flight rugby for an equivalent wage that they could earn elsewhere but it just isn't going to happen - where would the money come from ? You can't tell these guys that they can't come and work overseas, its an option that's available to everyone in the free world, and they do have families to support.

I do think the regulations on international selection could be tightened up but then again, when you look at individual cases, that is hard to legislate for as well.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

CMGC 22 May 2019 08:12 am said..

Lots could be done. Make the residency rules up to 5 ofr even 7 yrs and ensure clubs have a full quoto of home qualified players in their squads. If the will is there then it will happen. of not , as now, then we spiral downwards.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

Lebowski 22 May 2019 11:03 am said..

By advocating such legislation who exactly would you be helping?
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

Sheddy Mcshedface 22 May 2019 11:33 am said..

Biggest issue is the fact that the reasons motivating players to leave are going to be beyond the control of the South African RFU. Not much they can do about the value of the rand or political instability in the country.

Hard to see what can be done.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

SonofPricey 22 May 2019 11:53 am said..

Imagine you are young South African, Fijian, Tongan etc who is incredibly talented at rugby. However you know that by staying in the country of your birth you will earn significantly less than if you travel to Europe. This money can be sent back home to your family and community (in the case of the South Sea Islanders, this is very common); or gives you the opportunity to move away from an area that is blighted by violent crime.

A modern rugby career is short; if you get 10 years at the top you are in the minority. For all the hand-ringing about foreign imports etc, it is important to remember that the players have a duty to themselves to earn as much as they can (as professional athletes) while performing to the best of their ability.

Imposing home grown quotas; restricting the number of overseas players only limits the impact; Macro-economic effects on wages in South Africa and places like Fiji, Tonga, Samoa are not going to be solved by World Rugby. The Southern Hemisphere system where you have central contracts is always going to lead to those talented players outside of the group looking to enhance their careers and bank balances elsewhere. Currently South Africa cannot afford to impose central contracts - IMHO anyway it is for the individual Unions to decide their policies, not World Rugby.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

Kinga 22 May 2019 12:19 pm said..

I believe that the super rugby salary cap is $5.5m Aus Dollars.

Considerable less than the Premiership and the Top 14. And i believe there is no cap in the Pro 14 but the Irish operate about on par with the Premiership.

Money Talks! More money available over here so players from Super Rugby and and the Islands can earn decent money.

15 Super rugby Teams
40 Top European clubs (I am including the 2 SA teams as they are beneficiary of the sponsorship deals)

More spaces to go around over here. The WRU can't force more home grown players on teams as it will essentially mean all the players that are currently coming to us for money will go to their unions for money. It will drive up the salaries in Super Rugby and Japan potentially. Super rugby struggles financially compared to some of the European leagues and cost increases could be devastating for them.

You rarely see an English based player going overseas these days. And if they do it's normally to France because they can earn more.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

CMGC 22 May 2019 12:58 pm said..

WR can impose restrictions on the unions and they can follow this by ensuring any money is only given by following the guidelines. Clearly there is nothing the Non UK countries can do but there is a lot the RFU can. It depends whether we just want to ignore the world game and hoover it up fo r our own benefit or take a more holistic view of what is best for the game. Our Pro game isn't sustainable on the salaries we offer as it is.
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Re: Premiership player recruitment

Baylion 22 May 2019 15:17 pm said..

Kinga wrote:I believe that the super rugby salary cap is $5.5m Aus Dollars.

SA don't have a salary cap but player budgets of the SR franchises are around R90m (approx £5m) while a few SARU contracted Boks receive top-ups to their franchise pay

However, this covers all players - u19, u21, Super Rugby, Boks and fringe players who play Supersport Rugby Challenge and Currie Cup, as well as 7s and women's rugby

Currently franchises have too many players on their books - up to 150 players - and SARU and the franchises are looking to reduce these numbers to about 45 with the juniors and fringe players becoming free agents or semi-professionals.

The Lions for example currently provide varsity scholarships for about 60 young players, as part of their pay packages, and have a Learning Hub for players who don't qualify for uni to study business courses

SARU has also made the decision to do away with the old Bok contracts that only benefited about 12-16 players and to spread he money to approx. 75 players, more focused on young and future talent while the Boks get mainly match fees. This could mean that senior Boks will take the overseas offers and some newer players will stay a few years longer
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