'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

Re: 'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

Biffo 21 May 2019 19:45 pm said..

Ciren35 wrote:A few friends and I had a tasty little bet before the season started at 17.53/1, of which we placed 40 English pounds on an outright Premiership win.... ;)

I got 25-1 from Bet365, but was a coward and only bet £5 each way.
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Re: 'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

Baz 21 May 2019 19:46 pm said..

Interesting comparison on the Premiership rugby site. The top 4 would still be the top 4 over the final 6 games but Gloucester would be top.
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Re: 'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

Neilio44 21 May 2019 20:40 pm said..

Got meself £40 to win outright at 16/1

Readying myself for a nice £630 :-)
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Re: 'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

ElmbridgeGlaws 21 May 2019 20:53 pm said..

The result of Saturdays match will be written in Premiership Rugby history for an eternity. When the match day squad grow older they will tell their Grandchildren/Great grandchildren about the game, about how they fought hard together as team on that day no matter what the result.

The beauty is that it hasn’t happened yet....the future is yet to be written.

Come on Glaws write your own history!!

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Re: 'I can see Gloucester beating Saracens'

CMGC 22 May 2019 08:07 am said..

I can't see a problem in admitting Sarries are a great team who have played wonderfully well to get to be E C winners. They also are vertually unbeatable at home when all players are not on Int duty. Glos of course are on an upward curve and playing brilliantly without having the same consistency. We have as good a chance as anyone going their but rightly are the underdogs. Plenty will hope we do well whilst accepting the above. I think the game will be close whoever wins. The beauty of Glos is not knowing how we will go !!!!!
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