Tumpys Tour (Saracens)

Re: Tumpys Tour (Saracens)

The Shuthonger One 25 May 2019 17:35 pm said..

I think we met the missing 2 on train back to St Pancras. A bit miffed but trying to work out how to get home. I think one had a few words from partner at home!
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Re: Tumpys Tour (Saracens)

Mainer04 25 May 2019 18:32 pm said..

Indeed us that missed the bus, not even given a time to be back on it after we asked at all.
But no use in getting upset, what’s done is done, now an adventure to get back to Gloucester on the train.
Lots of money spent, but well worth it for the day out.
Obviously not how we wanted it to end, but can’t fault the club at all.
Turn out was class. Sarries May have the trophy’s, but they haven’t got anywher near the support we have.
Proud of our club
Stayed to thank numerous players, and even got a chat in with David humphries.
Summer off and on to next season. This team are going places and we let the players know how proud we are of them.
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Re: Tumpys Tour (Saracens)

Tumpy+1 25 May 2019 18:44 pm said..

Mainer04 - Sorry to hear about your predicament. People did try to persuade the driver to hang on a bit but he said that four thirty was the departure time. He waited about ten minutes then went.
I have recovered two jackets off the bus, one a grey hoodie and a black Glos jacket, are these yours? If so, PM me with your telephone number and I will get them back to you.
If they belong to anyone else, same applies and I will try and return them.

Hope you get back OK
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