The English vs The Welsh

Re: The English vs The Welsh

Not1eyed 11 Aug 2019 17:50 pm said..

A very balanced viewpoint as always Leb. I’ve been a long time fan of Cipriani and in an ideal world there would be room for all 3 in the squad. However, if he’s only taking 2 10’s then I’m coming round to it being Farrell and Ford as there is obviously a good understanding between the 2.
Cardiff next week will be very interesting as I’m not sure where Wales can go as that was a full 1st 15 today against virtually a full 2nd team.
England pack was excellent. Daly is clearly not an international 15.
On another note I hope the injuries to Curry and Anscombe are not to serious
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Gb83 11 Aug 2019 17:55 pm said..

Not1eyed wrote:Interesting idea with ford and farrell Gb83 but I don’t think it’ll happen personally. Wouldn’t argue with it, especially after Ford performance today, but think Manu is definitely going to start at 12.
I would also prefer Watson at 15 and May, coko on wings. Daly good option for the bench too

A fit Manu is unstoppable, agree wasted on the bench.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Fat Taff 11 Aug 2019 18:49 pm said..

King Prawn Bhuna wrote:My thoughts, haven't read the thread so maybe repetition or bolleaux to some.

-When the Welsh backs got the ball they walked through a very poor England defence
-WTF is Daly doing at fullback...he's a more impressive shadow tackler than Ryan Lamb
-Ford was class, you can understand the Cipriani dilemma...Farrell must play 12.
-Tuilagi looked good when he came on
-Shame for Anscomb, they should have taken him off straight away not ten minutes later
Jones and Mitchell seem to be doing a good job and their prep looks spot on
-Next week will be fascinating to see whether Jones goes for the 'full Monty' in Cardiff or he holds back for the Irish game
-Can't not mention the new boy...he's international class...played the moves...sped up the first kick had great height...shame he didn't score his try...PTIYPASI Matt Dawson :D He IS test standard.
-Wales are definitely still believing their own publicity and have a lot to do, and based on today they will struggle against a very physical Georgia

In summary warm up period for EJ on course...Wales and WG have work to do. Next week will be a very interesting thermometer of how both sides react.

Don't really know what to make of today, other than that England won. I'm not sure that Wales were actually ready to play a test match, they looked half cooked and knackered at times. The replacements for Webb and Faletau are nowhere near the same standard. For some reason Ford always delivers against Wales, Jones would have been pleased with the 9/10 combination. Daly is a supremely gifted player, but it would appear not so much when played at 15. Probably going to be Nowell, May and Watson if all fit?

I'm not sure what publicity Wales are meant to be believing. Are they a good side? Yes, very. A great winning streak backed up by a Grand Slam pretty much answers that. Had they won or drawn today would the No1 tag be appropriate? Of course not, the record against the 3 top SH sides would dictate otherwise. There's only one point this year that being No1 actually matters.

That's a pretty dramatic fall for AWJ to go from 6N player of the series to a busted flush in one game, I'm sure he'll step up when we struggle to see off Georgia.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Sky blue 11 Aug 2019 18:57 pm said..

Daly has to be in the starting 15 (which is the answer to the question of why he is starting at FB). Watson looked excellent today, I wouldn't be surprised to see him at 15 with Daly and May outside. A great running three - maybe not so strong defensively.

Agreed AWJ is still an excellent player and great leader.

Willie looks like he's on the plane (congrats to him) - I'd certainly take Spencer along with Youngs.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Not1eyed 11 Aug 2019 19:50 pm said..

Do we think the Welsh 9 would/should have got red for tackle on Ford? For me that was far worse than Barrett yesterday. Just wonder if fact it was a “warm up” game meant he didn’t get a card
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Peanutcoxy 11 Aug 2019 20:09 pm said..

Not1eyed wrote:Do we think the Welsh 9 would/should have got red for tackle on Ford? For me that was far worse than Barrett yesterday. Just wonder if fact it was a “warm up” game meant he didn’t get a card

Not sure it was worse. Hooper was prone when Barrett hit him with a cheap shot (def red). I think the Ford one should have been at least looked at by the TMO/ref. At least a yellow for me and the fact Ford was dropping slightly made no difference to the tackler’s intent. Possible red; not really sure so probably yellow if that makes sense
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Still Realistic 11 Aug 2019 20:41 pm said..

Watson was a huge plus for England today but I doubt EJ will jettison Daly from the starting 15 shirt yet. In case you hadn't noticed EJ is a bit stubborn and believes in his own judgement.
Willi was excellent and didn't try to be the player he isn't. I thought he looked better than Youngs especially in speed of pass.
For Wales, forget the rankings, better to lose now than in September. The forwards looked unusually poor which I am sure will be a blip.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

spanish exile 11 Aug 2019 22:38 pm said..

For all the hype it looked like for Wales it was a glorified training game which in effect it was, it will be interesting to watch next week as Wales will want to perform at home.
Regards this match Heinz did look good pack were good as a whole & in the backs Francis & Daly appeared to struggle -- not sure what EJ will do as don't think you need 3 9's + it would be a very different game against say a fired up SA or NZ, I worry about his 'best' 15 but more so what he does when plan A bish/bosh isn't working.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

JamesK 12 Aug 2019 05:30 am said..

Good stuff from England (including Heinz!) but I wouldn’t read anything into the rather lacklustre Welsh performance. They were completely undercooked - as they should be 40 or so days before their next competitive game. This wasn’t a game they targeted. Record win sequences and world rankings mean more to pundits than players. Come the World Cup they will be rather more competitive.
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Re: The English vs The Welsh

Not1eyed 12 Aug 2019 06:17 am said..

Whilst I don’t doubt they will be more competitive come World Cup time I don’t agree that they didn’t target that game. Gatland sent his strongest side out and got comprehensively beaten. He now must play his strongest side again next week surely. If I was EJ I’d play a couple more 1st choice players but by no means would I send out my 1st choice team
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