Gloucester v Bath OGT

Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

PeterD 13 Oct 2019 11:44 am said..

Zyder wrote:There are only 22 Premiership games. We can't play ourselves.

Don't forget the play offs
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Lurker 13 Oct 2019 14:10 pm said..

You will go blind playing with yourself :lol:
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Big Red 13 Oct 2019 18:13 pm said..

TP17 wrote:Continuing on the topic of our new hooker. I thought he made some strong carries. Our lineout was poor already before he came on and he had a week (possibly less) to learn our calls, so I think he can be excused. In my mind it was the jumpers and lifters getting the calls wrong.

I thought Tempest’s decision to penalise us for a not straight throw was farcical. Both sides weren’t throwing particularly straight all game and he chose to blow up for one of our lineouts after we had got ourselves in a threatening position in the 22. I see game after game of crooked lineouts and the referees rarely do anything.

I think the thing is now, if it’s not straight but you don’t compete they play on to keep the game moving. Bath contested all our throws and our defensive jumping was painfully slow.
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