Gloucester v Bath OGT

Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Clive's Pants 12 Oct 2019 07:39 am said..

Those thinking that rugby still has to have a place for history and tradition when playing non competitive matches are dreaming - rugby has changed...and will continue to at a hell of a pace.

Glaw's plan appears to be undertake our pre-season in the first couple of premiership matches to protect players minutes, and reduce injury risks, for later in the season. We are not the only ones taking this calculated gamble.

Anyone know the rules re game time?
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Porky 12 Oct 2019 07:47 am said..

I was baffled by the selection from the start and even more so when the changes were made.

We had one debutant in the second row beside a bloke in his 4th appearance - this did not help the front row and contributed to our poor lineout performance. Was gob-smacked they brought GG on but took Freddie Clarke off rather than a second row. I was certain they would sub Knight for JFR when Tempest lectured our skipper after yet another scrum penalty but, no.

Bewildering and we were similarly light in the backs.

Trusting in Johan is more challenging when you see that capitulation to Bath. Glass still half-full......'ish
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Camel 12 Oct 2019 07:47 am said..

Some thoughts from the shed:


1. Our attack in the first quarter was outstanding. We took our chances, ran some lovely lines / angles and seem to consistently take the right option.
2. Chapman is looking like the real deal. I was particularly impressed with his box kicking.
3. I was impressed with Rees-Zammit. He looked very good with ball in hand, secure under the high ball and tackled strongly.
4. Best news of the night was the re-signings. Can’t believe some were critical of the club for announcing them like that. I thought it was great. It’s fantastic news for the squad and congratulations to the management team for tying these key players to new contracts nice and early.


1. Out set piece was very poor. Fourie didn’t have the best night with his darts, although I think we need to give him some leeway, given this is his first game for us and he’s brand new to the squad. Our scrum was being hosed. I agree with Baz, these kids need to start stepping up to the plate. Our defence of their rolling mall was non-existent.
2. Our management of the conditions (when the rain started) from Evans at 10 was poor. We continued to play wide, loose rugby with ball in hand. Our error count went up and we lost the gainline, yet we continued to play in the same fashion.
3. B**f made constant and easy metres around the fringes. Our defence there was very poor and we failed to realise this and take action to prevent it.
4. I was baffled that we didn’t bring VRR on at all and chose to bring on JFR with only 2 mins to go. Surely, we should be trying to win this match, given the 3 previous results and the fact we’re at home against our rivals. These 2 props would’ve added significant ballast to our crumbling scrum and offered solid carrying options around the field.

Overall, it’s been a very poor start to the season and I’m left questioning our coaches decisions around selection and preparation for the main event next week. I guess the proof will be in the pudding.
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

madders 12 Oct 2019 07:53 am said..

That side was so experimental that nothing can be concluded except Kriel is the master poacher and Rees-Zammit could be amazing.
The Sale game will be completely different l imagine.
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Kingfisher 12 Oct 2019 09:11 am said..

Whether it's right or wrong, I think the coaches wanted to really test our props in tough conditions to see what they're really working with. Not saying I think that's the right thing to do, I would have replaced the whole front row at 45mins as they were being pummeled in every scrum until Fourie came on.

Whether VRR was a last resort replacement I'm not sure and I know Robinson was in a car crash early in the week so maybe didn't want to risk him either. (But then, why not put Hoeneck and Balmain on the bench.)
I've said this to friends for a while now but I really think these young lads should have stepped up by now and showed they have what it takes at this level(last nights level), bearing in mind prem level is even higher.
Fourie looked decent in the loose but his arrows weren't great, hopefully just a time thing. That said all of the Bath lineouts I saw infront of me weren't straight either!...
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Fat Taff 12 Oct 2019 11:11 am said..

The front row is a problem. Time and time again last season we started to concede scrum penalties when changes were made. Nothing seems to have changed. These young guys undoubtedly have quality and potential the they wouldn't have achieved the age group levels if they didn't, but at the moment, they're not prem level. It's an issue that's not going away.
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Citizen Rob 12 Oct 2019 11:33 am said..

Some thoughts on the game and how Gloucester are shaping up for the Premiership here:
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

MarcusRann 12 Oct 2019 12:19 pm said..

Last night was a fascinating exhibition of two opposite styles of rugby.

Glos played their now trademark no fear backs game, moving the ball quickly away from the breakdown. You could see the influence of Cipriani on the speed and running lines. Bath had little answer to this as their focus is on having a backline made in the image of Dr Roberts - big but less agile. Remember Hohneck's try last season when Cipriani left Roberts standing with his pirouette pass?

However Bath had a pretty meaty pack with both Batty and Noguera making a mess of our 'youngsters'. It's worth remembering that although the penalties are given against the prop, they are reliant on the back 5 providing correctly directed and timed drive and pressure. Our scrum won a couple of penalties when both Fourie and more significantly in my view Grobler came on.

So Bath played a tight forwards game based on ball retention and gained most of their points through rolling mauls.

Probably the opposite of how the two teams wouod have played in the 80s.

I'm disappointed with the loss but encouraged by the ambition and skill shown by our young back line.
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

colinboag 12 Oct 2019 12:26 pm said..

...and I loved the rugby Bath played in the final 60 minutes...proper stuff! We need to get sufficient SiD in our pack to be able to do that.
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Re: Gloucester v Bath OGT

Steve M 12 Oct 2019 12:46 pm said..

Glen Sannox wrote:...and I loved the rugby Bath played in the final 60 minutes...proper stuff! We need to get sufficient SiD in our pack to be able to do that.

I'm a little worried GS that I find myself 50% in agreement with you. Didnt love it but agree its something we need to be able to emulate as an option - Plan B if you like.
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