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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 08:25 am:

We were awful. Despite having nearly 60% of possession and territory we showed little forward momentum. The stats make us look a lot better than we were, however the most telling is turnovers through knock one. We conceded 14. Perhaps we should approach Lurpak to sponsor our fingers.

We have the most exciting 3/4 line in the game, but there were at least two occasions where we 'spun' the ball out but with with each player completely static. That's school level rugby. ... gue=267979
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 08:41 am:

It was a loss ok. The players did try and we did not succeed.
We cannot rewrite history.
I am sure all aspects will be aired tomorrow and shortfall addressed.
Friday will be an interesting test. We really could do with a win at home.
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 08:44 am:

I have been reading the latest comments this morning with interest and a large amount of agreement. I wrote immediately after the game that we lacked cohesion and I still feel that. We are not a sum of our talented parts. The back line - when it wasn’t in reverse gear - were taking the ball standing still and showing individually all the signs of, ‘ what do I do now?’ The forwards - well most Premiership sides must now fancy their chances against us. We have a a squad of players from many parts of the world ; we have what seems to be an expanding team of coaches and back up staff - all having to play in the context of some very variable weather and changing pitch conditions. Who holds this together and puts a brand/stamp on it which is fit for purpose? That , in my aged and humble view, is the critical task for this week. Hymn sheets and knitting patterns and all that :D :) :) :roll:
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 09:40 am:

By the time I get round to reading the OGT, everything has pretty much been said, so I don't bother repeating others comments. However, a few observations.

Braley should be nowhere near the starting XV, I can't imagine we'd have done any worse with Chapman. With Heinz and Simpson we've two first rate scrum halves, start Simpson while Heinz is crocked.

What is it with Cips? Is he still carrying a knock, or is his head somewhere else. Was much the same at Welford Road and not great up in Manchester either. Bench, at best for him. Trouble is we have based our game around him. The kick that went backwards says it all. :roll:

What back up have we got at fly half? Not sure Evans is it and 36 ain't a ten.

Not playing the conditions, back to Fisheresque box kicking. Box kicking can be a very effective tactic, but it's about execution and that was poor.

We're missing a few that we really need back, Trinder, Sharples, Mostert, Heinz etc. When we've got them back, we'll probably have lost a couple more. If only we had a player budget like Sarries. Oh hang on a minute. :(

I just hope this is a wake up call. I'm not holding my breath mind.
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 10:07 am:

This was simply a very poor performance. If a side cannot convert 60% possession into a win then there are clearly issues.

Several pointers.

1) Set piece. Overall the line out isn't going badly. The scrum looks suspect-again. We had sorted this last season, but we are getting sussed-out now and it could become a key issue a la England (WCF) if it's not sorted. We lack a meaty hooker! :) and we seem to be way too timid in the contact. There is the constant look of bemusement from Balmain this season. He was an absolute rock last term, but is getting found badly at times this season. I'm not sold on our new tight head. Was not anywhere as enthusiastic as some were with his signing. I'd have liked the Russian that Sale recruited. We really lack that kind of attrition.

2)Back row balance. I would like to see Ackers Jnr at 6, Kriel at 7 and Polledri at 8 for 55 minutes against Toulouse with Morgan and Ludlow on the last 25 minutes. Ben had a decent game yesterday, but I would like to see Jake at 8 next week. The back-row axis hasn't clicked at all this season.

3) Second row. Freddie Clark is a good squad player-very good, but he should be covering the back row. IMO he's not a front-line second row at this level. We are looking very light weight there with Slater and Mostert out. I am hoping the latter will be back even if it's for the second half on Friday. We miss Sav. We need an iconic hulk in the squad. We have mobility for sure but need a big physical presence at set piece to balance this out. Skelton was a quiet menace yesterday.

4) Handling.... basically, dreadful at times this season. Too many players are taking their eyes off the ball before receiving it, and some of the passing is beyond dreadful!

We are missing Willi Heinz. Although Simpson has started well, even his passing and box kicks have been sub-standard at times and Braley...well I think some know my thoughts on this player. I just see him at this level yet alone International. It's my opinion which will probably get slatted again -that I am entitled to it.

5) Cips. We do need a backup. He is a genius, but we need some variety and you get the feeling that this season other sides have worked out his game management. On that subject he looks very ordinary this season. Hopefully he will re-ignite the spark that made his playing irresistible to watch last season.

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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 10:08 am:

6) Centre. Way too predictable and whatever people say about him I think we need Billy on the pitch from K.O. Harris didn't impress me again. Having said that he is still bedding in to the Glaws game plan and we don't create enough time and space for his style of rugby now. We are trying to run deeper lines at times this season and it isn't working for some reason.

There are some positives. Marshall looks back to his very best. Toulouse had a very good win this week and they will come to CG with confidence on the back of that one!

7) Cohesion. There is little cohesion within the side now. When we do click it's promising, but we seem shy of the try line. We are getting close to the line and ending back in our own half too many times for comfort this season.

We seem to have found a level this season. It says 6th or 7th place again. After last season’s improvement we must move up the gears and fast. This is a not going to be an easy environment to win a play-off place this year. It never is; but this season you can see 8 sides all capable of making them...
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 11:58 am:

Looks like I’m going to be a lone voice here having been at CG and then watched it again on TV last night. Clearly there were a few misplaced kicks, difficulties sometimes in the scrum and some handling errors. However our line out was generally very good apart from one long throw right at the end. The second half we really did dominate and we were clearly on the wrong end of the many penalties in the last 15 minutes (I counted 8 within 10 metres of their line with no card). I’m not say we would have won with the deficit we had but it would have been much closer and at least a losing bonus point. There was loads of good stuff yesterday but, as always, SW prefers to look at the negatives. It definitely was nowhere near as bad as being painted and Mrs PC and I both thought we were a bit unlucky at crucial times during the game
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 12:18 pm:

I was as disappointed as everyone yesterday but trying to put some perspective on things we were playing the fired up Champions of England & Europe who still had a fantastic squad to pick from despite missing so many.
We struggled playing on the back foot, most players under performed & ref was 'unsympathetic' with plenty of either way calls going Sarries way.
Hopefully conditions Friday will be better & the lights will bring out the best.
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 15:15 pm:

Re Braley starting ahead of Simpson, I suspect Simpson isn’t 100%. He had some trouble with his ribs last week, was chatting with the medics at one point. I think it was even mentioned in the Citizen during the week.

I wonder if we were hoping to give him a week rest, but obviously needed to bring him on....
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Re: Saracens OGT

10 Nov 2019 15:46 pm:

I don`t normally comment on the ref`s performance but there are some interesting remarks from down the A46 (on the C.O.M.L site). Unusually supportive of Glaws.

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