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NorthernShedHead 09 Nov 2019 18:35 pm said..

Thanks LSH and Jeppy - always thought he spoke well but with an overconfidence/arrogance (my opinion of course) - kind of the sarries way really, with how they've carried themselves the last few years.

Hoped we'd have done our talking on the pitch but sounds as though we were out played in every facet
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Re: Saracens OGT

Big Red 09 Nov 2019 18:36 pm said..

We got it badly wrong today. Set piece is a big worry already and we’ve lacked the physicality up front around the park that was a hallmark of last season. Some individuals way below par and so far this season. Afraid to say a few proving why they aren’t in our strongest 23 when everyone is available, let alone starting. Braley has never cut it for me and Ludlow gives away far too many dull penalties. Too early to say but would prefer 36 at 13 and to revert to our normal 10, 12, 13 combo v Toulouse.

As for Saracens, they did a good number on us today. What’s falling though, is that their second team can be that strong and wipe the floor with something close to our first choice. Just highlights the cheating they have been found guilty of and leaves a bitter taste personally.
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Re: Saracens OGT

Tuffty 09 Nov 2019 18:58 pm said..

IMO the game was a null contest; a non-result.

No more significant than a pre-season practice game.

Empty of worth and meaning.

They will always be cheats.
Tuffty (Andy Kershaw)

"The Holy Writ of Gloucester Rugby Club demands: first, that the forwards shall win the ball; second, that the forwards shall keep the ball; and third, the backs shall buy the beer." - Doug Ibbotson
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Re: Saracens OGT

Gb83 09 Nov 2019 19:06 pm said..

Tuffty wrote:IMO the game was a null contest; a non-result.

No more significant than a pre-season practice game.

Empty of worth and meaning.

They will always be cheats.

Well it looked like we approached it like that unfortunately. We can’t let the Sarries situation over shadow how awful we were today, huge improvement needed otherwise top 4 isn’t possible this year.
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Re: Saracens OGT

theoptimist 09 Nov 2019 19:14 pm said..

Not an enjoyable day out!
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Re: Saracens OGT

theoptimist 09 Nov 2019 19:15 pm said..

Still got to watch the game back but live I thought we were well short up front and that cost us dear. Agree with comments that Cips and Bradley looked off the pace...injury? Backfoot ball? Simply out of form? Who knows.

Agree with comments about basic skills too! They were AWOL today.

Defence isn’t the Tiger that it was last year...the oppo are winning the collisions.

Finally, the difference in kicking game: accuracy, kick chase etc. Saracens were impeccable on that front and we simply gifted possession (and field position too on occasions) to Sarries.

We were thoroughly schooled.

However...what a rotten spectacle.

Saracens play the game like they play the salary cap. Cynically and effectively, finding loopholes and manipulating the situation to their needs.

For those defending CMK...I’m holding fire on his overall performance till I’ve watched the replay but I’d suggest some balance re the last 15 minutes. Glos were on the sarries 5m line from 66 mins until 74. In that time Sarries committed about 9 penalty offences, many when we had already been given a penalty advantage (GS - your suggestion that he was consistent with Glos in the first half is absurd! Sarries scored too quickly for the situations to be comparable!) He was weak at best.

Of course, that cynicism and arrogance is what Saracens do bloody well. To me is indicative of the same ‘win at all costs’ mentality that has led to them cheating the salary cap. It’s amazing how those who purposefully set about crossing the line of fair play (whether salary cap breaches or cynical rugby) convince themselves that they are right. It’s not just Trump who’s delusional.
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Re: Saracens OGT

VV 09 Nov 2019 19:16 pm said..

tigerchef wrote:Well I for one applaud Gloucester's decision to boycott playing against Sarries. I take my hat off to the management team and players for taking a stand and refusing to engage with them. Huzzah!

For a brief moment I enjoyed a chortle at the above 'gallow's humour' but deep down I remain despondent at another disappointing performance against effectively a Sarries 2nds (notwithstanding all that other business). A bit lucky at Sale, workmanlike win eventually against Wasps, poor at Leicester and second best today. Not a crisis but a decidedly indifferent start to the season that needs halting.
Scrum second best until the end, outkicked, bested at breakdown, poor handling skills & discipline, the list goes on. I don't like calling out individuals as many, as last week, were below par, but can I just say get fit soon Willi. Substitutions equally difficult to accept, unless injuries were in play; chasing the game and we take off our one true 2nd rower, our most creative talent (albeit Cips was decidedly off kilter today) and our best strike runner (Thorley, who looked dangerous on the odd opportunity he had). But to conclude on a brighter note, a shout to our most classy operator for the 2nd week running, Marshall.
Ho hum, only Toulouse next week....
Neil Vincent
We all watch the same match but each of us sees a different game
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Re: Saracens OGT

HardwickeShed 09 Nov 2019 19:20 pm said..

To be honest I’ve been worried since “pre-season”. I know we need to blood the youngsters but I think we have started the season undercooked. As others have said strange selections today - in addition to the comments others have made, why throw Harris straight in? Looked a bit lost at times - no surprise if you have been with your new team 2 weeks. What were we trying to play today, Sarries at their own game? Will never work
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Re: Saracens OGT

ROLLO 09 Nov 2019 19:26 pm said..

I watched on TV and was very disappointed. You will know more about your players than me but Braley seemed completly out of his depth and Sarries played the conditions very well. Glos seemed very flat. The commentators were screaming for a yellow card againt Sarries but they gotaway with it by Glos scoring a try. Likewsie their try from the lineout drive in the first intance came for an incorrect penalty decisison by CMK. I am now feeling a touch more opptimisic about my visit to Kingsholm just before Christmas.
Like Tuffey it was IMHO a none game as Sarries are probably still over the salary cap. Sanderson defending it makes me have even less sympathy with the players and coaches who will have known something was not right.
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Re: Saracens OGT

Staggy 09 Nov 2019 19:28 pm said..

Well watching that game ruined my afternoon!

As has been said, Braley clearly off the pace and Cips hasn't played at all this season like he did last season.

As for the scrum, I'm not convinced that the problem is in the front row, to me, if we are starting back row players as locks, we are going to lose that ballast and experience when the pressure comes on. Clarke did well coming on late in the game when the other pack was tiring last season in the second row but I think that the scrum struggles are probably certainly partly down to him starting. Not a reflection on him as he is just doing what he can for the team. Balmain and Hohneck were good last season, but that was with proper locks behind them and that after all is the engine room, so unless we bring in some cavalry, we are in trouble till Mostert or Slater come back in. And if we can't win the scrum or hold our own, we are back to pre Afoa times when finishing in the lower half of the table was more usual.

Still sticks in my gullet that they can have such an extensive squad with so many internationals away. Gggrrrrrrhhhh. They are having their cake and eating it. And what really worries me is if Sarries are not doing anything wrong under the rules, other than not reporting the companies to the PRL, then the clubs with sugar daddies are going to rule the roost from here on in, ruining the Premiership for all but a handful of super rich clubs. Altrad anyone?
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