Wow, Just Wow

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Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 12:54 pm:

Wow, that was a long pre season.
I can't wait for the real stuff to start.
Will ambition be matched?
Are the parts all attached,
Now the bus is about to depart?

What! The season has already started?
Five games in? Well no one told me
Have we lost any yet?
Is the team well set?
Have things gone quite swimmingly?

Have we taken off from where we left off?
Have the team really gelled and kicked on?
Are we sitting on top
With the cream of the crop?
What was that? We look woebegone?

You say we've been playing for weeks now,
And lost five games on the trot.
Looks like it's ' Back to school'
Which is really not cool.
But it certainly isn't so hot.

Ah well, we are Glawster, so really
It comes as no great surprise.
So I'll go back to my bed
And watch telly instead,
Till the steam, and the team starts to rise.

Alfred Lord Tension (2019) @ALTension
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Re: Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 13:29 pm:

Excellent stuff, as ever m'lud ...

Let's hope you'll be able to write in celebration of deeds of derring-do very soon ...
aka Pete Western ... back to basics
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Re: Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 16:09 pm:

Welcome back ALT, it's been a while. We've missed your incisive odes.
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Re: Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 16:13 pm:

Should I be concerned that "Gloucester RFC" ( :? :D ) is a constant source of inspiration?
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Re: Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 17:10 pm:

Perfect thanks ALT
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Re: Wow, Just Wow

04 Dec 2019 18:30 pm:

Some of us were wondering where you'd got to ! )

Great stuff ALT. Thanks....

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