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cornishpixies 15 Feb 2020 10:17 am said..

Have to agree, Baxter and Exeter have learned well from Mr.S at sarries and Mr.E now in France. The straight line blitz. If you work hard, and exeter did, if you have 3 officials who are not too concerned about the offside rule, it will work perfectly against a set up like Glos. Especially with a playmaker like cips. When he got the ball he was surrounded by white shirts, so he couldn't throw that great flat pass, it was intercepted, so had to go out the back to 12T and loose ground - still got the white wall in front of you! Coupled with that he couldn't dink over the top, as they had 3 hard working sweepers in Steenson, Woodburn and Hogg. Steenson work so hard, he looked a wreck at full time.
Our backs are too small to break holes in their line.
I think the only way to compete is try to tire the blitz out in the first 60, sacrifice that time, take what points you can, then switch tactics, put more resources to attack the short side (a la polledri, when he came on), switch cips into the QB pocket, behind the scrum half, which gives him more time to view the game and then he can dink over the top, as the sweepers are completely shot. (In saying that he needs a speedster close by, to make the most of the nudge over the top). Switch players around to upset the target each defender expects to see in front of him, mess with their heads - they're not that bright! Or am I being too clever (ex 3/4).
PS,Available for debrief and strategic training on Monday morning.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Ashtennisguru 15 Feb 2020 10:24 am said..

There was an interesting bit on the House of Rugby podcast where The Hask was talking about Sarries and regardless of their extra finances and therefore playing depth, the thing they do better than all the other teams is the stuff that requires no "skill" - the ability to stick to the plan, to get up and down off the floor, to get back into position, to number up, to chase kick with intensity etc etc

Can't help but think Exe have got to this point to and for all the undoubted skill of our lot, we are still a bit behind in those other areas.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

spanish exile 15 Feb 2020 10:36 am said..

I have watched Glos for too many years to remember but for the last 2 matches which I couldn't catch live I haven't been able to watch the whole game on catch up tv because quite simply Glos have been woeful.
Where is the bite & passion, the rain seems to have washed it away.
Last year pre World Cup DC played with a point to prove whereas this season given that he may not be 100% fit he has slipped below the standards he set-
Similarly the pack, last season they held their own but this season just struggle - the best backs in the world will find things difficult behind a pack on the back foot.
Turnovers seem a rarity we seem to rely upon opposition errors giving us the ball back.
Game plan is odd just play the conditions surely thats obvious?
Final thought what is Rory Teague adding??
Next week is a must win but given LI are safe they can play without fear & I am nervous.
Time for JA to play the Mr Nasty card?
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Creamoftheprop 15 Feb 2020 11:04 am said..

Echo everything Jeppy,Jimbodini and CarterB121 have posted. I love heads up rugby but not when Storm Dennis is blowing in with horizontal rain. Time and a place for 10 man rugby.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Gloucester Mute 15 Feb 2020 11:33 am said..

King Prawn Bhuna wrote:Can't believe Mute's negative comment...virtually calling the match officials cheats by the implication of the LRZs try.

Personally, I thought the officials were excellent tonight, kept the game flowing in difficult circumstances. Well done CMK.

BUT I didn't even make a comment KPB !! No apology needed as now water off a duck's back ….
Nothing wrong with free speech or having an opinion - as long as it matches mine !!
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

stuartjames 15 Feb 2020 11:41 am said..

KPB , a quick scan of the thread would seem to implicate TigerChef, not Mute ?
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Herefordpropforward 15 Feb 2020 11:47 am said..

I have been reflecting out of sheer frustration just why we can’t achieve consistency at Glos as players and coaches come and go. I have written before that , perhaps, it is a matter of common culture ie a way of playing that is hard wired into each player’s sub conscious. My PE teacher friends tell me that this is something the FA is trying to do with soccer from the youngsters upwards. I guess similar to part of the original Gatland Plan for the Welsh regions. As others have written Exeter and Saracens have it and Leicester of old had it. We at Glos bring talented players and coaches together but seemingly the whole never becomes as consistently good as the parts. So what is the solution if , and it’s a big if , we accept this matter of common culture? Wasn’t it Mark ( Karl not Groucho) who said that once you can state the real nature of the problem you have the solution? For starters I would throw out for discussion that the solution lies in the Club deciding on the playing culture/philosophy and then the pipeline of players buy into it through the Academy and beyond to perhaps , feeder clubs and schools . We already try to do that in part but clearly it ain’t sufficiently all embracing. Such a radical programme might then also produce Glos coaches from within the network just like Exeter. This model also has the advantage of offering a better sustainable business model for the future. Just a thought m’dears but we can’t go on just blaming and then ditching the Head Coach.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

steckers 15 Feb 2020 11:51 am said..

I don't have a lot more to offer and agree with much has been said. But I was very disappointed about the lack of willing ball carriers - at times it seemed like no-one really wanted it. Too frequently, the half backs seemed to have few options - whereas Exe always had forwards running onto the ball at pace.

The one exception was Billy T but unfortunately he rarely got over the gain line.

End of the day - Exeter are better - in these conditions they are MUCH better. I'm very concerned about Gloucester - there is a small suspicion that the coaching team may be in denial about the shortcomings of the squad. Hope I'm wrong.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Fat Taff 15 Feb 2020 12:15 pm said..

If we don't see a swift improvement we could be battling for a Heineken cup place rather than top 4 come the end of the season.
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Re: Glaws V Chiefs OGT

Creamoftheprop 15 Feb 2020 12:25 pm said..

Would agree Taff. Think some of the wider issues flagged on this thread, which are valid imo, will get glossed over (pun intended) when the weather improves and I can see us going on a run of wins around March April that put us in the mix as our only way of playing it seems works in fair weather with a good surface.
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