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DieTrying 17 May 2018 20:43 pm said..

The Stat that I personally prefer is the % of capacity one as it balances out the "big" games held at non Home grounds, ie Twickers etc. Example 1: Bath at HQ was a 60K+ att but only a 73.8% capacity and their lowest of the Season. Example 2: Newks are crowing about a record att at St James Park: 30K+ but only 57.6% capacity. They also didn't mention that 6 days later in a Euro QF back at KP they slumped to 4K and a 39.7% capacity.
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Re: Average attendances

Hovis 20 May 2018 08:02 am said..

Average home league gate of 13272 includes the Falcons game where it was touch and go if the game would be on due to the heavy snow so only 8340 attended, if that game was taken out of the figures our average was 13765 still 346 down on 16/17 season.
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Re: Average attendances

Glaws 20 May 2018 08:16 am said..

Does it come down to ticket prices?

If I didn't or couldn't have a ST there's no way I'd pay nearly 40quid for a ticket to the shed. (I know cheaper areas are available)

I don't begrudge the club for the raises because I think it's necessary but it may prove a stumbling block for those not so fortunate or families that want to support their club.... or those like me who don't want to shell out £40 for one game.
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Re: Average attendances

ryno_chelt 20 May 2018 19:48 pm said..

The pricing method caught me out a few times this year and I have no doubt that it will have reduced attendance figures somewhat. However, I understand the decision and moving forward it’ll have less of an impact.

I actually think next season we will see record attendances at kingsholm. Bristol will create more hype than Irish, we are a year out from the World Cup, superstar signing(s), better brand of rugby. Bring it on!
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