Glaws v Bristol OGT

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VV 16 Sep 2018 09:18 am said..

So far so good without delivering a performance of real consistency and with notable players still to appear. Few teams go to Sarries with much expectation other than a losing bonus point so assuming we play something near the team of the last few weeks it will be a fascinating benchmark. We've seen a bit of rotation in the pack but not so in the three-quarters, partly due to injuries and, I feel, less depth than we have in the front eight. I expect a bit of change for Saturday but, for me, unless injured, Cirpriani has to play.
However, keeping players fresh as season progresses obviously becomes key but for now, looking forwards, this group who have played in the first 3 games will largely be the squad which will take us into the first round of European games. Hopefully, Heinz, Thorley, Dreyer will be back in the mix but I'm not sure Kriel will be thrown in or Mostert, who looked out on his feet in the second half of the titanic wrestle with the All Blacks yesterday. After our first batch of Premiership games and a home and away in Europe then we will have a better feel for our longer-term prospects.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

madders 16 Sep 2018 09:35 am said..

I see in the squad listings that OW is classed as a fly-half, so assume he is the alternative to DC; maybe when he recovers from his knock, he will get a few starts.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

lucifer 16 Sep 2018 09:41 am said..

Exactly W. Despite the exciting, even exhilarating at times, play we’ve seen, thus far results wide were slightly behind last season against the same teams. If we swap Bris for Irish as the promoted team then in the same 3 matches last season we won all three, Bath being the difference. It will be a big reality check next Sunday at Sarries, where if memory is correct last season we had a good first half only to get blown away in the 2nd - rather like what we did to Bristol Friday. If we can take anything from Sunday imho that will be far more significant than the results to date.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

Glen Sannox 16 Sep 2018 11:48 am said..

Remember, we've had two home games and one away...after next w/e we'll have a better idea of how the land lies
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

Gloucester Mute 17 Sep 2018 09:36 am said..

A BP win should never be criticised. Closer analysis does need to happen going forwards though.

BUT GRFC will find life at the highest levels - which we aspire to - very difficult playing as we did in the second-half v Bath and the first-half v Bristol. Our HC opponents + the likes of Exeter and Saracens (and possibly others) will not take their foots off our necks if we play like that. We will get punished.

Some say "we are a work in progress". For how much longer "jam tomorrow" ?!?! I want it now !!

The sooner we have Heinz back the better. Braley/9 is a weak-link. The backs need to get switched-onto Cipriani's wave-length - BT isn't. Lineouts need refining so we win nearly all our own throw-ins. Back 3 need to work as a unit.

2 wins and a draw is a great start but the hard work and uphill battles all lie ahead. Glass half-full BUT not hugely confident yet.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

Peanutcoxy 17 Sep 2018 10:27 am said..

Gloucester Mute wrote:The sooner we have Heinz back the better. Braley/9 is a weak-link. The backs need to get switched-onto Cipriani's wave-length - BT isn't.

I reckon Braley had one poor pass and one poor decision made on Friday, the rest of his play was excellent. His passing is sharp, flat and quick and he suits Cips style very well. He has clearly worked very hard with the coaches pre-season to improve his clear areas of weakness and I think it has paid off. His decision to take the ball off the rolling maul for our try in the right corner was excellent game awareness.

If by BT you mean Twelvetrees, you must be watching a different game to everyone else. He is entirely on his wavelength and the way they are switching 1st receiver demonstrates this in part.

The rest I agree with. We are not far away from giving an opposition a real thumping. Our consistency needs to improve but individual mistakes happen and the opposition are allowed to play well.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

JamesK 17 Sep 2018 10:36 am said..

Before the season started I thought our biggest concerns would be the late arrival of some our our new signings and coping at scrum half if Heinz were to get injured. So far we've coped admirably with both these issues so a big well done to all involved.

However, tougher challenges do await us - starting this weekend. Its a bit ominous that despite a great start we're still 3 points behind second place.

Of course we all want jam today but the reality is that we are a team in transition. That is inevitable given the large number of key changes to personnel this summer and the relatively short tenure of our last few coaches. All the signs are positive but we'll only get the best quality jam once we find a coach who makes sufficient progress to stay in role and build a quality squad.
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

madders 17 Sep 2018 10:59 am said..

Peanutcoxy +1
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

Porky 17 Sep 2018 11:52 am said..

madders wrote:Peanutcoxy +1

And another!
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Re: Glaws v Bristol OGT

Walterdrip 17 Sep 2018 12:10 pm said..

madders wrote:
Peanutcoxy +1

And another!....and another.
Chippy and 36 for the time spent together seem perfect so far!
They were in the England set up together years ago I think.
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