Quiet Isn't It?

Quiet Isn't It?

Alfred Lord Tension 17 May 2019 10:11 am said..

Anxiety free, I sit and quietly contemplate
A final week devoid of any stress.
Nothing to do or die for on a loaded plate.
No more the heavy 'must win game,' duress.

A good result for us would be to depend
On safe return, no citing to confess.
Looking forward to a peaceful Weekend
Win, lose or draw, it couldn't matter less.

Let others joust for points and for position.
We have no need to fight in such a mess.
We can relax with placid disposition
This season is already a success.

Alfred Lord Tension (2019) @ALTension
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Alfred Lord Tension

Re: Quiet Isn't It?

glawfindel 17 May 2019 11:35 am said..

Indeed it has been a success, My Lord
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Re: Quiet Isn't It?

Ranny 17 May 2019 11:51 am said..

A lovely thought, as league teams are locked tight awaiting last tiring assaults , longlevens types are loving the anxiety lessening to a low throb.
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